Thursday, April 11, 2019

Disclosure Digest 4-11-19

Our Heartfelt Wishes 

For A Speedy Recovery

Those so inclined might want to send some Healing Light to HHDl as he convalesces in hospital:

Sanity is manifesting in the collective consciousness and these obscenities will be healed; So Be It:

I predict that Prep for Prison Coaching will become a boon for ex-con employment opportunities:

 I know deep in my innermost being that swamp draining will save the Indigenous and Gaia:

There's a real, honest Attorney General at the Justice Department and utter PANIC in the Swamp:

Mega tech companies behaving in highly illegal and covert ways are now in the ['kill box']; Oorah:

Here's Morag's April 2019 Update, a raw and unedited stream of channelling; grokkable:

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