Sunday, April 14, 2019

Disclosure Digest 4-14-19

Time For April Indictment Showers

Denise Le Fay does a nice job of dot-connecting in this offering from her HighHeartLife blog:

Empires, - Roman, British or Zionist are all intrinsically sociopathic and anti-life; go figure:

This is a spot-on Russian Intelligence summary via Sorcha Fal and the Sisters of Pernicious Posting:

The truth cat is firmly out of the 9/11 bag, thanks to Uncle Vlad and VT; Spaciba, Tovarichkes:

Team Dark cares not a whit for public well being, safety or longevity; feeding their greed is prime:

The Maestro flummoxes DS by calling them on their NIMBY-ism; time to make it Real, folks:

Whiners to the left, Creators to the right - keep moving along folks; channeled by Brenda Hoffman:

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