Monday, April 29, 2019

DW: Cosmic Mind Droppings

Posted By David Wilcock On 4-28-19

Stunning breakthroughs are taking place that may very well lead to a fountain of disclosure of suppressed truths – including the reality of UFOs, extraterrestrials and the Antarctic Atlantis. The great criminals of the planet are increasingly being isolated, arrested and brought to justice. In the process, a treasure trove of lost knowledge will be unveiled. This may well include the revelation of ancient ruins on the ocean floors, under the ice in Antarctica, and even on the Moon and Mars. We may also discover that the newly-appointed “Space Force” already is equipped with technology that would have appeared to be science fiction.

This all seems to be part of an intelligently-coordinated cosmic energy upgrade we are going through – a phenomenon David has always referred to as Ascension. Even as these monolithic events unfold on the world stage, we are also going through a very profound inner transition. The process is deeply personal and forces us to confront our greatest fears and weaknesses. Each time we take that “leap of faith” and push beyond our limiting belief systems, we become more and more fully embodied as awakened beings.

As decades of suppression fall away and forbidden information becomes common knowledge, the very nature of consciousness itself will transform. Join David Wilcock as he explores the connection between Ascension and Disclosure, including the latest evidence that we are indeed heading into a cosmic event that will utterly transform the nature of matter, energy, consciousness and biological life as we now know it. Those who are prepared for this shift may well find themselves developing the same abilities as superheroes in the aftermath, if the ancient prophecies are correct.

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