Saturday, April 20, 2019

Disclosure Digest 4-20-19

Up In Smoke!

Planetary cleansing of old, patriarchal demonic control mechanisms is ongoing; Momma's on it:

Thanks to Stephan Sanford for pulling this piece together on TD's decapitation fixation:

Witness this current kerfuffle over contemporary head lopping; Oy vey bist mir:

While we're on this heady trip Glen Greenwald deserves a nod for his astute observations:

Because all work done in and for the dark ultimately serves The Light, this false flag attack is also integral to the Divine Plan; both things are true. SM:

Here's a potential remedy for those overloading on fear porn and stinking thinking; Git Sum:

Please enjoy this most beautiful and elegantly sane little two minute video; Ya Te Hay:

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