Saturday, April 13, 2019

Disclosure Digest 4-13-19

 Sandra Visits Rock People In Sedona

Our Lady Of Mt. Shasta is doin' her Angelic thing in Sedona for a bit; Trek YourSELF:

Revisiting Joseph Campbell: The Power of Myth; required reading for any Heroes journey:

Grok sum galactic Burma Shave messages from Morag,my favorite Celtic Starseed:

We're NOW dis-empowering the Bad Marijuana Myth created by Team Dark to protect Big Oil:

Key words herein are "bypass the Fed"; may our central bank die the death of a thousand cuts:
Mooi is dit; die jonge heeft wat te zeggen en het gaat wel goed; kijkes even:
(This Dutch white hat writes a compelling precis, in is second language; check it out:)

Meanwhile, shameless Dutch multi-national, neo-colonial greed-heads are dumping on US retail workers, while in Holland all workers are still protected by law from this sort of abuse - Oy:

I recommend exercising patience when relating to Clown corp's like Google; the Clean-up is ongoing:

We ALL need an occasional break/cation from saving the planet; Jordan does Hawaii; Mahalo:

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