Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Saint Germain: The Energies That Await You

 Channelled By James McConnell On 3-24-19

I come to be with you now in these moments to continue to share, to continue to be open with all of you, to help you understand thatwhich has just occurred.

Yes, you spoke of this during your discussion.  Many of you are realizing now that this is an individualized process.  This is not one feels all that the others feel.  This is for each and every one of you.  These waves of energies that have been coming in and continue to come into the planet.

These waves affect each and every one of you in an individualized basis determined by the state of vibration that you are in at the time.  So if you are focused on those every-day activities of your third, and even fourth-dimensional experience, that is what will be amplified by these energies.  But if you find yourselves in those moments when these energies hit in a state of higher vibration with a momentum of energy within you, then that is what will be amplified at the time.  And you will find that you will be open much more so that this is beyond the third-dimensional illusion, beyond the veil.  You will be open to those many glimpses that have been spoken of.

Some of you are now beginning more and more to realize, because these are those times now when the energies that are coming into you have been continuing to prepare you, to ready you for all that is yet ahead.

These energies that have been coming in are quite minor compared to what yet awaits you.  But some of you do not feel these energies as they come in because you have already acclimated to them.  So again, it is an individualized process that you are experiencing, and will continue to experience.

But one day, when the Source has deemed it appropriate, when the Source has given the green light, one day these energies will be so powerful, it will be beyond the measurements of your instruments.  It will be beyond the measurements of the instruments within yourself in your central nervous system.  There will be no mistaking it at that time that this is it.  That this is The Event.  This is the changeover. 

And those times following the changeover will be spoken of in those moments as that very changeover.  In other words, you will look back from those future times, you will look back in this past, you will look back at that moment or moments when this changeover happened.  That will be a dividing point between that which was and that which is now.

I say the words “is now” because what we are speaking of, what many are speaking of, has already happened.  In the higher vibrations it has already occurred.  But it has yet to come down into the manifestation within your collective consciousness here until man and consciousness of man is fully ready for it.

So be aware, be ready, be patient, but know that you are on the verge of a great many shifts and changes in your lives.  At times, these changes will appear as commonplace, as normal, every-day.   You will say to your brethren “nothing has changed.”  But deep within you, at the heart level, you will know that indeed everything has changed.

Continue to use the Violet Flame as one of the tools that you have been given to continue to purge out the old and to invite the new into your lives.

I am Saint Germain, and I leave you now.

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