Friday, April 26, 2019

Disclosure Digest 4-27-19

More Nasty Bits Are

Floating To The Surface

Human slavery and sex trafficking are top earners for the Cabal; follow the bloody money, mate:

The Cabal= the world wide Satanic Cult feeding on humanity for the last 13 thousand years; Basta:

More accurate us political history from our friends in Moscow; reliable breadcrumbs:

Ben is responding well to the meds and offers us this Weekly Report; bring discernment as always:

Muh Boy Jordan gettin’ major traction in the Red Pill Patch; here are his last three reports FYI:

This GAB thread may be just the rabbit hole you've been looking for; get popcorn and jump in:

Saul examines the mechanism of our self-created realities; changes of attitude, changes in latitude:

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