Sunday, April 7, 2019

Disclosure Digest 4-7-19

Incoming Upgrades

We haven't heard from Blossom lately so here's her latest 'download' from down under; Grokkable:

The Maestro sliding NATO and its parasitic corporations into the [kill box]; No Russians No Cry:

As a chocoholic I feel obliged to pass on any good news about this 'Food of the Gods' to y'all:

I do believe that Judy B. totally gets what's going on behind the Alliance 'Curtain of Caution':

Anna didn't want to be left out of this Digest; git sum real history from an Alaskan von Rietz, jawol:

5G weaponized wi-fi and it's AI wizards are getting much unwanted scrutiny from We the People:
Vaccine induced autism with a chaser of cross-sex hormone ‘therapy’; these people are sick and terrified that their dark times are coming to an end - So Be It:

Suicide watch for pedophiles and trafficker/abusers; there's a new, real Sheriff in town:  

Multiple Mike Quinsey provides us with an appropriate extro message for today's truth-out; Ciao:

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