Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Disclosure Digest 4-10-19

Right In The Old Yin-Yang

What It Means To Be A Woman | Savvy Goddess

For your further edification - Alan Watts, visionary, mystic and extraordinarily sane communicator:

Jordan chillin' in Hawaii and getting paid for it...sweet; his Anon-view on breaking BS follows;

Obama, Clinton, Pelosi and others are expected to soon be charged with treason and sedition:

Check out these tasty graphics from our Look-Who's-Serving-Two-Masters File; surprised:

The muddy floodwaters of criminally deceptive corporate funded pseudo-science are receding:

Anatomy of the Medical Mafia as the world wakes up to the Medical Nemesis; Grok On:

The DS and their anti-life agenda can be found in every country but they really love China:

Shrooms to the rescue! There actually are some beneficent fungi among I; git sum:

Hmmm...Endless Joy at the end of this long strange trip? Could be a Thing; we'll soon know for sure:

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