Monday, April 8, 2019

Disclosure Digest 4-8-19

Ibida, Ibida, Ibida...

A transcript of "THE VIDEO THAT WILL GET DONALD TRUMP ELECTED"; read this like a check list to evaluate POTUS's progress in draining the Swamp and restoring The Republic:

Dismantling the Deep State at the fascist DHS picks up speed; Don’t hesitate...Decapitate!:

Trump’s Wall tackles cyber and space security as well as border security; [[[Huawei]]] No Way:

All the tech you know from Star Trek is already operational on SSP ships that you paid for; Grok On:

The Prince seems to be interning to prepare for taking over the crooked family business; Why?

The Ancient Races (US) responsible for seeding all life on Earth are getting lots of press these days; here's Adronis' take on the whole sordid affair:

Don't go grabbin' the Oxycontin, darlin' them's just pesky ol' Ascension Heebie-Jeebies; Ayup:

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