Thursday, April 4, 2019

Disclosure Digest 4-4-19

 April New Moon Digest


 Stephanie Austin enlightens us with a new EcoAstrology Update loaded with great insights; grokfest:

On the anti-vaccine front we have multiple awakenings appearing in the news cycle:

Methinks a short review of the Rockefeller origins of our Medical Mafia/Big Pharma cabal:

Big bucks in mandatory organ ‘donations’ in Canada; Medical Mafia&corrupt politicians wet dream:

Where do all the organs come from and who trades in this multi-billion $ scam industry:

The Masonic hijacking of New Zealand unmasked; the Cabal 'Last Resort' plan is doomed, like them:

The English only have to give up The Crown to regain their sovereignty; goin' Waay Brexit:

Grab some popcorn and discriminating awareness for this latest Full Frontal Fulford Report:

How exactly does a cop 'collar' a perp in a clothing optional Swedish sauna? Inquiring minds..:


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