Friday, April 5, 2019

Disclosure Digest 4-5-19

It's Time To Get Foolish

 Utsava has released a new video full of psychic insight with a lilting accent; start @ 10 min. mark:

The uncontrolled Fourth Reich/CIA spared no expense or atrocity in subduing populist resistance:

A Peoples Economy backed by Gold; Git sum X22 Dave-ology on:

We need more judges with integrity willing to take on the tsunami of indictments dismantling the DS:

Remember, it's the Cabal/CIA mob that's really running this obscene affront for mega profits:

This And We Know video completes the Serial Brain 2 combo of DS disclosure; git sum:

The Wrath of The Almighty Orange ONE; Lionel displays his mastery of the 4 Minute Rant:

This cops shooting dogs analysis points out the real dangers of Israeli inspired militarized police:

The Rez at Pine Ridge, already a Third World site, is now afflicted with a geo-engineered flood:

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