Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Disclosure Digest 4-2-19


 Nothing To See Here, Keep Moving...


 Ashtar, via Elaine DiGeorgio, leads off today as he performs a galactic mic-drop; Ponderfest here:

Let's catch-up with Brad and Adronis; as always use discernment and judge for yourself; Cheers:

SSP  rememberer Jason Rice gives a very credible interview on his experiences ‘out there’; Git sum:

Brenda Hoffman postulates that many of us have relocated to Toon Town, where strange is the norm:

Our favorite live voice channeller, Magenta Pixie, seems to have successfully tied the Knot; Mazel!

Gabriel RL channels our old friend SaLuSa; new (to me) channeller, familiar old voice:

We close with this Robin-channelled message direct from Gaia; give it a listen:

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