Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Disclosure Digest 4-1-19

 Just The Bear Facts

KP's getting to be a fearless Kahuna Q De-Coder; re-posting a Neon Revolt thread is heady stuff:

SerialBrain2 has decoded the latest messages from The Maestro/Q+/POTUS; straight up no BS:

Anna does a great job explaining the magnitude of the Cabal's actual debt to us all: git sum:

Teri gets the draconian matrixial imprisonment of humanity and explains it in plain English:

Even in that academic heart of darkness we know as Harvard University honorable scientists exist:

The long hidden truth about EMF smog and it's real dangers is finally coming to all with eyes to see:

The CDC has been in bed with Big Pharma and the AMA since it's creation; a lot of toxic science:

Sorcha’s got a Guardian Angel in Virginia so those ‘hits’ will just keep coming; Spaciba:

Morag focuses on Quantum R&R and being rid hard and put up wet...

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