Sunday, April 21, 2019

DisclosureDigest 4-21-19

More Incoming!!!

This has been arriving all weekend and should peak on Monday, the 22nd of April - Earth Day:

Sandra Walter is doin' her thing in Sedona and still found the time to put this message out:

Sierra (NZ) opines on dinar chronicles and in her feels that 'The Tide Has Turned'; git some Kiwi on:

Q is lauding the patriotic Fox News "Three Amigos'; here's Praying Medic's take on it all:

Hey! You got a problem with Edelweiss, you got a problem with me; be strong, Comrades:

Fiction or prescience? You be the judge,,,well written bit of imminent Disclosure; git sum:

Morag rags on the hilarious Full Moon Follies and the ever accelerating Team Dark implosion:

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