Thursday, April 18, 2019

Disclosure Digest 4-18-19

Git Sum Doubble-Dippin'

Aries-Libra Full Moon Wisdom

Stephanie Austin, MA at your galactic service with this timely Eco-Astrology Full Moon Report:

AG Barr be openin’ some formerly sealed indictments;Yee! Haw!, let the Roundup begin:

Lionel fesses up to his Kafka-esque transmogrification into a Trump lovin' MAGAnaught: 4 minutes:

The true horrors of 5g poison-pill technology is rapidly gaining traction due to studies like this one;

David Icke on who the 'controllers' are and the war on free speech they are propagating: grokkable:

New York appears to be hosting the epic battle against mandatory vaccinations; moar popcorn pls:

Hard core Team Dark psychopaths regard us as 'their' factory farmed, medically harvested sheeple:

I believe that Jon's 'fable' is really a peek into our very near future; stand your sovereign ground:

As the Game of Lila winds down Creator reminds us to take the High Road with the broad view:

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