Saturday, February 1, 2020

Disclosure Dgest 2-1-20

It's High Time For Popcorn

And Boat Drinks/Spliffs

Uncle Matt does a spiffy job of gently letting the Ground Crew know that We're There, Already:

Let's call this little essay 'Sovereignty 101'; Shout out to Jon Rappoprort for, once again, Nailing It; 

Oh merchants of WW Fear Porn via convenient catastrophes and epidemics; Duck This! And CYA:

More Pandemicamonium Perfusations, oh pusillanimous pimply one with the sore throat from Hell: 

Praying Medic and others examine the fate of the bad actors secretly causing Humanities Misery:

This Freedom Day Special from the latest super-persuity IPOT Q Analysis video; Kekfest Fer Shure:

Ann and the Angels highlight the ubiquitus Fruits of Fear Porn and how to dispose of Them:

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