Friday, February 14, 2020

Disclosure Digest 2-14-20


Git Yer Rosey Glow On!

Thanks to Suzanne from GAoG for this delightful treatise of the dynamics of Love; git Sum:

Sandra, Our Lady of Mt. Shasta is back with an Energy Update and some inspiring Offerings:

I'll call this collection 'Postcards From the Swamp'; safest to wear your surgical mask when Reading

Ron Head brings in The Council to explain the meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything:

Jon does such a wonderful, thorough job of spotlighting all the [DS] Coronavirus Skillduggery:

Creator is back to share some cosmically 'Deep Thoughts' with the ground crew; short, sharp Shots:

Buckle up Pilgrims, this new Kryon post opens Pandora's Box of No-Time; Kansas goes Bye-Bye:

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