Friday, February 28, 2020

Disclosure Digest 2-28-20

Welcome To The Show, Frens

Cabal controlled Lame Stream Media Mockingbirds stoked this flaming fear-porn Epidemic:

Time to show some Love to our fantastic Immune Systems; the little ones who make us Possible:

Ain't nobody on the Interweb 'splains Cabal false-flagging better that Bro Jon Rappoport; Grokfest:

Anons, more is being Revealed, time to put your large person culottes on, newsfags; Reality Check:

X22 Dave is on his good game, splainin’ Q drops and connectin’ Dots; it's time to Lurk Moar:

This Red Pill just in; WW 5G is SkyNet in drag and its satanic truth is out of the closet; Alstublieft:

Sorcha gets it and passes this prime Kremlin gossip right on to us; Uncle Vlad is not the Boogeyman:

Enter Zip Code 80304 for a Bardo brouhaha just above Boulder & verging on another Dimension:

Being that the Pleiadians started this whole mess on Earth, we sometimes give 'em the last Word:


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