Monday, February 10, 2020

Disclosure Digest 2-10-20

Enjoying The Boomerang Moon Yet?

The latest buzz from The Bee is spot on again; Everything [TD] does just speeds their Demise:
Yup, the age old secret is out: our Moon is an artificial construct used to lock down the Sheeple:

Some of our Galactic relatives here pictured were the same folks who installed our Moon:

Remember this: at its core The Great Awakening is all about saving the Children:

It's O.K. if you forgot all of the verses of America The Beautiful; just Hum Along:

A sampler of the ongoing Beltway Follies for your edification and amusement; Grok Sum:

Best results from this essay come if you play Sympathy for the Devil while reading it; Just Sayin':

The [DS] knows all about this 'deep ocean' because they've been tunnelling under it Forever:

My life-long search for personal excellence finally paid off; all I did was lower my Expectations:

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