Sunday, February 23, 2020

The Arcturian Group Message, Feb. 23, 2020

Via Marilyn Raffaele

Dear readers, we hold a great deal of love and respect for you who have chosen to be on earth during these challenging times. You chose to enter this incarnation fully aware that it would be a time of energetic shifts and difficulty but you wanted to participate, knowing that your awareness could help others.

If you believe that you only recently woke up from the three dimensional dream, you are wrong. You who align with these messages are not new souls just learning about truth even if it seems that way. If you had not already attained a high level of awareness in other lifetimes, you would not be in alignment with the higher truths you are now integrating. You are wise, seasoned, and prepared to make the dimensional leap by virtue of having learned through hundreds of lifetimes–some good, some bad, and some just plain horrible.

Having already attained a high level of awareness you knew that these times of dimensional shift would offer you opportunities to bring everything full circle and into third dimensional completion, allowing you to become the whole, complete, wise, and evolved state of consciousness you always sought.

High frequency energy and assistance is available now as never before. Earth and her inhabitants are being offered the opportunity to shift into higher dimensional awareness if they choose. No one is or ever can be forced to take advantage of this for all are free will beings. This is why your Guides can assist you with your decisions, but will never tell you what to do.

It can feel unpleasant when you witness some friendships, health, or even familiar activities fade out of your life. Remember, everything old is making way for the new on all levels, in the outer scene as well as the inner which can be as ordinary as old equipment breaking down. However, the dissolution of the old is often simply the first step toward its reappearing in a new and higher form if it is meant to be in your life.

All are physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually feeling the intense frequencies now pouring to earth. Old energy accumulated from from hundreds of lifetimes and stored in cellular memory is surfacing for everyone in order to be recognized, released, and replaced with higher dimensional frequencies. Each person is responding to this according to their attained level of awareness.

For some this process is bringing fears that have lain dormant through many lifetimes into conscious awareness causing them to lash out and blame some person or particular group for their emotional pain and the world’s problems. They then attempt to make things better in the only way they understand which is usually through violent actions . This is what lies behind the violence you are witnessing at this time.

Allow your personal process to unfold without comparing it to anothers. You cannot evolve incorrectly for once you have chosen to embark on a spiritual journey, the “train leaves the station” and the “human” you is no longer running things in the same way it did when you were living fully in third dimensional energy.

Everything is consciousness in vibration-energy. Consciousness expressing itself as... how each sees and experiences the world depends upon their attained level of consciousness. What you believe and hold in consciousness you are in alignment with in the outer scene and can experience. A rose may represent beauty and love to one, but thorns and allergy to another.

In reality there are no victims, because as God beings everyone is simply drawing to themselves from the collective that with which they are in alignment with. Remember, there is only ONE and that ONE is always seeking to align with itself– wholeness.

Both the good and bad pictures of material sense have no law other than belief to hold them in place and will dissolve in the presence of a high resonating state of consciousness that sees them only as mind interpretations of reality. This is how the master Jesus healed. People brought themselves into his consciousness where disease simply had no reality.

This does not mean that the spiritually evolved never have problems. Never believe that you have somehow failed if your life suddenly turns upside down but rather learn to see difficulties as facets of your evolutionary journey indicating that you having attained the spiritual readiness necessary to deal with deeper issues–karmic resolution with some person, place, or thing, the clearing of some ancient experience, or simply the gaining of new insights into something you have struggled with for your whole life.

Many creations result simply by not paying attention, letting the mind wander and accept whatever comes floating by from the collective. Be aware of what you allow into your consciousness for you are creators. Learn to step back from those things that pull you into lower frequencies. Stop occasionally and ask yourself; “What am I creating in this now moment?” Do not resist what you may discover for resistance only serves to give power to something that has no power of its own.

Consciousness changes and evolves as beliefs based in duality and separation are let go and truth is integrated. Spiritual growth and evolution has often meant spending whole lifetimes or even more on learning just one thing (example-honesty) which is why it takes so many lifetimes to reach an enlightened state. Lessons learned and truths integrated become the fabric of individual consciousness which is then further built upon and expanded through each following lifetime until third dimensional lessons are no longer needed.

It is a time of worry, concern, and frustration for many hoping to see the earth restored to her natural perfection. This must eventually manifest because what you see with human eyes is the material concept of a spiritual earth. Human eyes are unable to see the spiritual realities that underlie everything just as what you see in the mirror does not reflect the real you. Try not to judge by appearances but rather hold to the truth that God alone is. Change cannot happen over night in a world of time and space. Allow the process.

Energy, vibration, and frequencies form the material. In reality the world is and always has been spiritual for God could not create anything outside of ITSelf as nothing exists outside of ITSelf. However, the world as seen and experienced by most is being interpreted through a collective consciousness conditioned by beliefs in duality and separation. This is why you must “come out and be separate”.

Everyone is born into this false sense of the world. Small children often remember the higher dimensions but soon get caught up in the lower frequencies that surround them. As increasingly more awaken, Light is added to and changing the vibrational pattern of the collective which in turn will allow human minds access to higher ideas.

Each generation enters into the collective consciousness that is in place at that time. The collective of 200 years ago was much different than it is today because evolution is an ongoing process that effects all levels–physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. The evolutionary opportunities available today are extremely important because they offer an evolutionary path of infinite possibilities for shifting to higher dimensional awareness while remaining in the physical body.

Because increasingly more light is flowing into the collective, many more individuals are starting to re-think their beliefs. Laws, ideas, and some social norms previously considered acceptable are beginning to be recognized as untrue. Those who profit from the ignorance and fear of others are attempting by all means possible to keep the status quo in place. They do not understand that in spite of their efforts or temporary successes, the evolutionary train has indeed left the station.

Spiritual evolution can never be stopped. It can be delayed but never stopped because everything and everyone is Divine Consciousness whether anyone believes it or not. Those who choose to believe that people are nothing more than flesh, cannot change the reality.

Peace and harmony exist fully present now, held infinitely in place by Divine Law simply awaiting conscious recognition.

We are the Arcturian Group 2/23/20

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