Saturday, February 22, 2020

Disclosure Digest 2-22-20

Moon Occults Mars...

Duck And Cover!

Stephanie hits another one into the 5D bleachers with this EcoAstrology: Pisces New Moon Report:

Jennifer Crokaert ~ Divine Mother: The Speed of Your Journey Will Amaze You; Ponderfest:

Lieber is the tip of the Chinese Trojan Horse espionage programs; we gotta brain-drain this Swamp:

Zero Hedge note: Orientals genetics predispose them to this virus: Cabal targeting now Revealed:

I must admit my fondness for East Coast pigeons with Ratso Rizzo personalities; tiny politics Bundle:

Zero Hedge latest: Idiocracy Explained - New Study Finds Western Diet Impairs Brain Function:

Fellow detainees like this are a convicted pedophiles worst nightmare come true; Ayup:

Lorrie Ladd put out this 7min video on Ascension related Exhaustion and how, somehow, it's O.K.:

She gets it, any new system of reality we have to learn in a hurry is just gonna be a stone cold Bitch:

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