Monday, February 3, 2020

Disclosure Digest 2-3-20

Virus Flops Due To Outsourced

Chinese RNA...Go Figure

10,000 Americans have died from the regular flu since early Fall 2019; I call BS, FF Nodemic:

The Cabal/[DS] is panicking and blindly trying to censor any truthful disclosure; doomed to Failure:

Zuck got kucked by the Patriots and the prune-faced Soros Clone 2.0 got his [DS] shorts in a Twist:

‘Democracy’ here used is double speak for Cabal globalism; let our Sovereign Republic replace It:

Thanks to KP for rounding up these great Brexit blow-back videos; keep calm and Yada Yada On:

Democrats Fearing Trump Revenge Make Shock Move To Surrender America To Britain; Oy Gevalt:

Spooks do professional hit job on John Solomon; think he might be over the Target:

The WH government bureaucrats are now free to go after badly behaved mega-corporations; Sik 'Em

It shows great wisdom to do re-con when moving into strange territories; buckle up, Snowflakes:

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