Thursday, February 13, 2020

Disclosure Digest 2-13-20

 So It Goes, Chucky Cheeze

For starters, Vidya Frazier gives us some insight into the ongoing tsunami of Unconditional Love

Sorcha has her hands full with all the Sucking Sounds and Booms emanating from our DC Swamp:

Someone should tell KP that his Aztec Mochas induce a form of fecal human sacrifice; just Sayin:

When terminally religious tell the rest of us that we're Sinners, just think Satanic Mirror Effect:

This has Dilbert creator Scott Adams' fingerprints all over it; think smart-chip implanted Clown:

Blossom cheerio's us from down under with this latest 5D I.Q. Test from the Folks in her Rafters:

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