Friday, February 28, 2020

Disclosure Digest 2-27-20

Enjoy The Lovely Swooshing Sound...

Gleaned from steaming heaps of Fake News by your fearless blogger. todays Q Compendium:

Poor old Joe 2.0 is one tired double, wondering if he’ll ever get to his offshore Money:

Is there a new Sheriff in town? The Silent War gets a little louder; Pepe sez - Moar Popcorn:

Gregg does a good job of basic digging on the major theme of all Team Dark players; Git Sum:

Peter Nygard, like Hugh Heffner and Jeffie Epstein, was a C_A Clown running a honey-pot Scam:

If you're loosing any sleep over the ongoing Swamp Drainage it's time to befriend your Demons:

All of these Paradigm-shattering Follies beg the question: Whose Reality is it anyway? Grok On:

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