Thursday, February 6, 2020

Disclosure Digest 2-5-20

Where No President Has Gone Before

Look, as a card carrying boomer Space Cadet/Flash Gordon wannabe; I’m all verklemt over This:

This Virus Scam is leaking believability at an alarming rate; [TD] can't even stage a proper Epidemic:

Jordan Sather is getting the run-a-round from the sicko social media platforms; he's over the Target

Fascia, the semi-elastic web wherein we take our physical incarnation; very ponderable Elucidation:

Speaking of social diseases how could we ignore the psycho-social epidemic raging in Portlandia:

The Climate Change circus trots out a new act: welcome the Central Banker Cheerleading Squad:

Let's check on the ongoing Planetary Ascension process with Sue Lie and her Cranial Voices:

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