Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Disclosure Digest 2-26-20

Y'all Know The Gemini Twins...

Castor Left, And Pollux Right

Way old Hippie St.G on it wit dis no dis dissertation, Brah; Git sum Galactic Beat Down on Samsara:

Guiding newly Awakening Ones down the [TD] Rabbit Hole is tough work; Grazie Sue Maresca:

Todays Q Anon Compendium is chock full of very good News; Get some popcorn and a Boat Drink:

It's time to stream the classic cold war comedy-The Russians Are Coming...So sad for uncle Vlad:

No necktie party for Harvey...he’s still got a whole lotta singin’ to do; major swamp CEOs Resign:

This is going viral - corona Virus Cure: wash your hands and don't sneeze on folks you like; KEK:
These messages were just delivered to colleague Sue M. on the Wings of you know Who:

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