Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Postcard From ECETI Ranch 2-18-20: Heads Up Big Wave Coming

From  James Gilliland

Heads up big wave coming. Many have asked why the numbers 2/20/2020 are popping up everywhere what is the significance? The 22nd of February is also appearing in visions and meditations. We were told on high there would be another big wave of energy coming through usually felt a couple days before and after. The sun is poised for a major event having astronomers baffled as to what is coming next. Is this wave coming from unknown sources as before, originating from some far-off distant galaxy or is it the sun flares or coronal mass ejections? It could be all the above time will tell.

The Mayans talk about the 9th wave of Unity Consciousness coming through in these times. I believe it is a series of waves increasing exponentially. These waves create social economic changes, changes in relationships, severe weather and can often create an increase in earthquake and volcanic activity. Also the Schumann resonance just spiked. This event on the 20th/ 22nd  I feel will not have such an impact as previous waves but it will be noticeable. If you did not release the past, forgive and gain the wisdom from experience the last waves brought up expect things to become more accelerated, more intense.


Fox predicts more uprisings in the months of February and March, and partially credits them to Aquarius, one of the more intuitive and disruptive signs on the chart. This is predicted to begin when Saturn (the planet of "karma, restriction and obligation") enters into Aquarius on March 22nd, immediately following Mercury in Retrograde.

"The Mercury Retrograde period in February through March occurs in Pisces and Aquarius, so spiritual awareness may come together with more practical forms of protest," Fox explains. "This will be a time of uprising and upset from the masses which will highlight the power of online groups and social media throughout 2020 and the following year."  “Kelli Fox”

It is imperative that we go within, look at our past with brutal honesty. Ask ourselves has this happened before, what is the reoccurring theme. We need to take personal responsibility for people and events we drew to us show us the wounds, traumas and wrong conclusions from past experiences. Forgive ourselves and others for the cocreation, gain the wisdom from the experience and allow it to settle in the soul as wisdom.

We also have to surrender the need to be right, refrain from projecting and blaming others, that is disempowering. Have the courage to feel each event in its entirety, no walls or sweeping it under the rug. As we said the waves are reoccurring, increasing exponentially eventually bringing everything that needs to be healed to the surface. Things are not as your ego sees them.  Put your monk robe on, get out in nature, try to find quiet time to process away from the drama and psychic turbulence. Remember this to shall pass.

James Gilliland

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