Friday, February 21, 2020

Disclosure Digest 2-21-20

Now You Know What Victoria's Secret Is

True colors seeping through the Grey Ladys Victoria's Secret outfit; shocking Transparency:

The Mormon Church has been deep into human trafficking and sexual misconduct since Forever:

The New Sheriff appointed a gay Deputy who likes his Justice straight up and rough; Oh My!

Q is getting so very much attention WW that I believe The White Squall is about to Break: 

Jordan reports: Prepare for the Storm! ~ Its Russia Again ~ Peter NyGard ~ Coronavirus Conspiracy:

Note: oriental genetics predispose them to this virus: Cabal targeting now Revealed:

This Navajo woman receives clemency from President Donald Trump; #MakeItRight:
Draining the Syrian swamp gets Really Real in the Eindspeil; Turks find no Delight:

Git yer Big Sky Mind on, Kemosabe, with these legendary Buddhist Psychonauts:

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