Monday, February 17, 2020

Disclosure Digest 2-17-20

 Welcome To Planet Earth, Frens!

You may have already guessed that we're no longer in Kansas; here's the skinny on the New Hood:

Major boomage coming through Dr. Salla as our SSP is waltzed out from behind The Curtain:

X22 Dave digs Q; Barr, Moves and Countermoves, Trump Messages The [DS], Victory Lap Taken:

I know it's just the CA Dems trying to manufacture more votes in 2020, but my inner hippie Loves It:

All Hollywood daemonic propaganda/entertainment is failing in the Rising Vibes; Sayonnara:

If Big Pharma deems you un-credit-worthy of medical care, please expire quietly and Good Luck:

Coming through John Smallman, JC always infuses his downloads with slendiferous Luminosities:

Shekina Rose in Sedona sometimes just Nails an incoming download, like this one; Grokfest:

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