Saturday, February 8, 2020

Disclosure Digest 2-8-20

Super-Size This!

Today's Leo-Aquarius Super Moon deserves a proper introduction and Stephanie comes Through:

The drip, drip of 1%er perp-walks is about to turn into a wave of orange Jumpsuits:

Joe M put together this WH video using the President's recent speech; love it or leave it, Snowflakes

Good news is coming so hot & heavy poor Sorcha can hardly keep up w/the hotlinks; Kekfest:

Glen Beck has morphed from a never-Trumper into a fine Conspiracy Analyst; grokfest fer Shure:

Enjoy this Bee-Buzz Du Jour; 'Trump's Power Doubles After Absorbing Impeachment Attack':

The Arcturian Council of Twelve via Morag O'Brien shares their latest insights from the Fleet:

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