Thursday, February 20, 2020

Disclosure Digest 2-20-20


Git Sum Breakfast Of Champions

Sorcha and Praying Medic school the world on Q+ and the Patriots; No one can stop what is Coming:

Now comes the PAIN for the corrupt Silicon Valley mega corporations as the Firewall comes Down:

We're witnessing the take-down of the Windsors; Crazy Days and Nights at Buckingham Palace:

Mega Group mainstay and Epstein co-conspirator Wexner holds garage sale to pay lawyers; KEK:

There’s a real war on your sovereignty being waged by the [DS]/Cabal; listen up Y’all:

Just a reminder that the words we utter and the songs we sing actually Shape our World:

Kryon raps out the truth of our Duality experiences; thanks to Ms. Maresca for the Presentation:

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