Thursday, February 6, 2020

Disclosure Digest 2-6-20


When the US Senate resembles a scene from Marat-Sade we know that 'The Storm' has Arrived:

You’ll need this scorecard to grok the unfolding Biden crime family RICO prosecutions; next Case:

 Jenny S. sez; Don't hesitate to incinerate tired-assed old personality defects 'cause it's Prime Time:

As the Info Wars rage on in the Cloud, practicing sound mental hygiene is an absolute Must:

Dave is in fine form exposing the [DS] Gang That Couldn’t Code Straight: Kekfest:

OMG the Beltway Swamp is saturated with corrupted, blackmailed and power hungry Overachievers:

I don't always post Matt (Angel Eyes) Kahn, but when I do it is always with Great Respect:

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