Thursday, October 17, 2013

A New Voice Via Ron Head - And The Lord Said "Noah..."

 Channelled By Ron Head 10-17-13

You could build an ark or you could wait to see if the rain will stop.

Please give me your message now, and begin by telling me with whom I am speaking. 

Our name is one whom you call Noah.  We are a group consciousness, as are most of the ones whom are channeled to you at this time.  We come forth today simply to lighten things up for you just a bit.

You find yourselves today heaving a huge sigh of relief, having averted, even if temporarily, what seemed to be a major economic catastrophe which would have had consequences everywhere in your world.  It seemed to you that it would have been as terrible as the catastrophe that we lived through.  And in a manner of speaking, we suppose it might have been so.

What you have done, in actuality, is prevented inevitable changes from causing grief where no grief is necessary.  And that is, of course a good thing.  Do not allow yourselves to think, however, that those changes need not happen.  The imbalance in your world needs to be, and will be, corrected.  Far better however that it happen because of enlightened thinking and intentional improvement than because of some selfish and backward unwillingness to change, is this not so?

 And so it seems that you have once again dodged the proverbial bullet.  Recommended, it would seem, would be for you now to accept that the problem was caused a while back by your not assuming responsibility for understanding the effect your votes, or lack thereof, would have upon your future and then correcting that situation as soon as you are able.  Too many who could vote do not do so.  And too many who do are woefully in the dark as to what is truly going on in the process.  And of course that plays directly into the hands of those who are emerging into your consciousness as your manipulators.

You are seeing how those cards are played now.  Do you really wish to withhold the power of playing your own hand for all it is worth?  Of course we can speak from the viewpoint of seeing all the cards around the table.  And we do not presume to get involved in any actual to-ing and fro-ing.  But let us say that you have it in your power now to advance far more quickly into the future you have chosen than you had previously.  We are not saying that you need to throw yourselves into any type of action.  We are only saying that it is time for you to be very clear on your own responsibility and educate yourself as well as you can on the true workings of your society.  Then do not allow yourself to think it will all be OK if you do nothing.

The end will be achieved.  The only thing is question is when and how.  We are pointing out an opportunity, that is all.  We could say that you could build an ark or you could wait to see if the rain will stop.

Thank you for letting us have our bit of fun.  We have taken our rare chance today.  Do you now take yours.

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