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The Bursting Open of A Millennia of Secrets

Posted by Steve Beckow On 10-26-13

Toward a transparent world
We’re emerging from a world of deceit and manipulation, where groups of people came together to dominate the world and reduce the population to peons or slaves.  But the combined forces of  the Company of Heaven and their Earth allies have defeated the plans of this Illuminati cabal and taken their power from them.

The Pleiadian Council of Nine through Wes Annac warned us that a millennia of secrets would soon break open. Whistleblowers like Edward Snowden and others who come forth daily show that things have indeed broken open.

“We ask you all to brace yourselves for the bursting open of a millennia of secrets. The revelations will indeed be pouring in one after another, and we are confident in stating that those of you who have already prepared yourselves and learned so much about the very subjects humanity is to be taught in the time ahead, will be able to both calm and inform those around you who may initially wish to panic or retreat back into the paradigm they feel comfortable within.

“This paradigm is to truly burst open, which is why your Light and your knowledge will be more needed than ever.” (1)

The Arcturians through Sue Lie compared what came after to the way cockroaches scurry around when a light is turned on.

“It is very much like a kitchen that is ridden with cockroaches. And in the darkness you do not know
that they are there, because you cannot see them. But when you turn on the light you see them scurrying around and heading for their dark corners. And so as the light is coming to Turkey, it is doing the same thing as when the light is coming to the United States, and when the light is coming into all of the individual beings.”  (2)

Saul predicted that the illusion created by deceit and manipulation would crumble.

“Signs of this are everywhere, as all that has been kept secret, hidden, and dark, is starting to be revealed, shocking many of you. And it is only the start. So much has been hidden by those who would keep you enslaved, enabling them to ‘justify’ wars – on drugs, illiteracy, aids, cancer, heart disease, poverty, unemployment, terror, etc. – which strengthen their positions of authority and privilege. No more!

“The already crumbling illusion will collapse under the weight of the lies, deceit, and corruption that you are no longer willing to accept. It is not of the New Age into which you recently entered; it is not compatible with Love – the underlying foundation and infinitely powerful energy field of creation – and therefore, unsupported by the collective intent of humanity, it cannot survive.” (3)

The Arcturian Group told us that “”this is not new darkness, this is darkness that has been accumulating, especially during the two thousand years of the Kali Yuga.”

“And this darkness has been hiding and there was not enough light in the world to reveal that darkness. And so people would think that ‘Oh this is our kind leader’ or ‘This is our friend’ or ‘No, this could never happen, not to us.’ …

“And because the beings of Earth are now ready to hold their light, their light is flushing out this darkness. So what she is seeing now is something that has always been there, but it was hidden in the darkness of the times.”  (4)

They tell us to respond to the darkness with love.

“We remind her and we remind everyone that the very best way to deal with darkness is to send unconditional love. This unconditional love is the healing force of the multiverse. And the unconditional love will release the entities that have been trapped in darkness so that they no longer need to behave in that manner.” (5)

Saul revealed that the light has induced us to take the collective decision to awaken from the sleep the planet’s controllers have kept us in.

“Because of the divine field of Love enveloping the planet and because of its massive influence on humanity, your collective mind has now taken the decision to awaken and to dissolve the illusion with all its fear-oriented power structures.

“That is why so much sensitive and secret information – which those in power and those beholden to
them have taken so much trouble to keep hidden – is now being revealed by an ever-enlarging phalanx of whistle-blowers.

“So far you have seen only the tip of the iceberg of deceit and corruption which underlies the systems that were supposedly established – if you believe the rhetoric – for the well-being of humanity. As the days pass, more and more alarming information will be released into the public arena.” (6)

This would not result in revolution and bloodshed, he tells us.

“As you all know, information is power, and the information now being brought into the light is empowering you all as never before. This does not mean that violent and armed revolution is to engulf the planet. That would be totally self-defeating as has been demonstrated so many times in humanity’s history over the eons.” (7)

He too encourages us to stay out of judgment and respond with love to the fall of the cabal.

“The group which has for eons been controlling politics, religious organizations, and all the large multi-national corporations – which are all covertly and inextricably interlinked while remaining shrouded in the darkness of secrecy – have now lost that control. Its members are in severe disagreement with each other and are living in a state of dread and anxiety never before experienced by them, because they know that their identities, their agendas, and their innate corruption are about to be publicly exposed.

“They will experience intense shame – self-imposed, of course – because they have known for a long time that their behavior was unconscionable, and yet they persisted in it.

“Do not judge them. Just leave them in their ivory towers where they can do no further harm, to contemplate their utter and inexplicable incompetence and unwillingness to engage with the field of divine Love which, like all sentient life, is their inevitable destiny. Eventually they will turn to the Light and be most joyfully welcomed Home as the prodigal children of God which they most certainly are. Heaven is not complete until all the wanderers have returned. However, the fact of their absence (asleep and still dreaming) will not be permitted to intrude on the intense joy of those who have chosen to awaken.” (8)

A new wave of transparency and openness will sweep through us in future, the Angels through Tazjima explain.

“Humanity is, on a massive scale, turning towards Love and away from fear, and this is very easily seen when you observe the release of so many supposedly secret intelligence-agency files into the public domain.

“Transparency and openness – essential aspects of the honesty and integrity necessary for a truly free society to flourish – are escalating and being encouraged and demonstrated across the world, as courageous individuals decide to honor their consciences by disclosing that which they had been forbidden to disclose.” (9)

However this has its correlate on the individual level too.  All of us will be sharing our deepest secrets.

“On an individual level, we see people and organizations being confronted by their darkest secrets; the issues that they did not want to handle before and pushed away into their unconscious. As we have said previously, these secrets can no longer be kept secret. With the advent of social networks, the Internet and cellphones, it is nearly impossible to retain a media blackout; likewise, it is becoming increasing difficult for individuals, families and groups to keep secrets from the world and each other.

“The waves of love are penetrating into the interior of your cells, cleansing and pulling out the pockets of denied thoughts. It is time to come clean; allow the energies of love to wash your auric field of the debris of self-hatred, self-doubt and self-judgment, whether on an individual or collective basis.” (10)

The Arcturian Group reassure us that all of this is going according to plan even if we cannot see it.

“All is proceeding according to plan so try not to accept appearances that say nothing is happening. Any concepts still held as what the change must look like will simply result in doubt and confusion.

“Some changes will appear as expected, but at others will not. Much is taking place on levels you cannot see with your human eyes especially if you are expecting to see it through popular media.”  (11)

So there is no future for secrecy, deceit and manipulation in our world. We know that higher-dimensional beings can read our thoughts so there is nothing hidden that will not be known. All of us – those who acted out of evil and those who acted out of ignorance – will have the contents of our minds bared and the more we practice transparency the easier this transition will be for us.


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