Thursday, October 24, 2013

AA Michael On Channelled Messages

Channelled By Ron Head On 10/24/13

We wish to return today to one of our favorite topics, the phenomenon of channeled messages.  You will have noticed a distinct change in the type, clarity, and, even in some instances the sources of these.  What has changed?  Have you given it any thought?  More than a few of those involved in bringing these messages to you have done so.  We bring this up today to illustrate a different, but related point.  So we will spend a little time explaining and then we will connect the dots, as you say.

The changes that these messengers are experiencing are surprising even themselves as they become filled with information that they find more detailed, wording and tone that they have not previously had access to, and in some cases an entirely new feel to the energies surrounding them.

This reflects exactly what we have so often discussed for quite some time now.  It reflects precisely the change in the energies surrounding them, and surrounding all of you.  It also reflects the changes in your abilities to sense these energies, although they might be a bit more practiced than others in doing so.  It reflects the ability of yourselves to contain more of the energy of your own higher Selves, which we capitalize in order only to distinguish that of which we speak.  For the purpose of illustration we speak of self and Self.  And that does not seem odd to you, perhaps.  But please realize that our goal, your goal, is the realization of no difference between the two.

And there, dear ones, we have just connected the dots.  What you may have noticed in the evolution of the channeled messages is a reflection of the changes in the channelers and also in yourselves.  Are you there yet?  The answer will always be no.  And the answer will also always be yes, you are more there today than ever before.

This is a journey, dear family.  And you are flying along magnificently.  As each of you learn a portion, remember a portion, feel a portion, so does it change each and all of you.  And these changes radiate outwards into the all.  As you continue to ‘do the work’, as you term it, we will continue to insure that you receive all of the support appropriate to where you are.  That is our function, and as we have said, our joy.

Take joy in this yourselves, brother angels, sister angels.  Close your eyes and see what a magnificent world you are building.  Accept our love now as we bid you good day.

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