Tuesday, October 22, 2013

AAM: Chaos Is What Things Are Built Out Of, You See.

AA Michael Channelled By Ron Head

Many of you have seen and commented on the full moon over the past few days. We would comment on the greater aspects of the alignments that are now occurring, if we may.

There are ‘goings on’ as you would say. There are cardinal thises and grand thats. There is a marvelous comet. And you see things zipping and zooming around in your skies almost whenever you choose to look. Culmination is the word we would choose. You are approaching a wonderful culmination of intersecting and interwoven possibilities.

As your awareness and consciousness rises, the manifestation of the world you have determined to live in begins to appear, to gel, to ‘get real’ as you would say. At the same time, your knowledge and perceptions of the world as you know it, as you knew it, are coming forth for you to wave good-bye to. And so you seem to be living in total chaos at times.

Are we describing well that which you are experiencing? And it is accelerating also. We spoke a while ago of a snowball effect. We have mentioned a tipping point and other mental images, as well. Nice pictures, yes? But something a bit different when they are being lived through.

So here is the point we are getting to. You have spent some little time learning to ground yourselves, learning to center yourselves, and learning to live in your hearts. You have spent much time, as well, building in your minds the sort of world you wished for you and your loved ones to live in. It is time now to focus on those things to the very best of your abilities and to pay as little attention as possible to the chaos.
Chaos is what things are built out of, you see. Just picture the chaotic piles of materials on any new building site. That mess is the new and beautiful high-rise building that the architect has on his drawing board, the one that he sold to his clients. It’s just a bit hard to recognize it at this point.

So that is what you are seeing around you now. It should not be unexpected and it should not distract you from your purpose. Know this, however. The ones who love and wish to hang on the status quo will do everything to distract you if they can. So come together if you can. Support each other. If you are physically not able to do so, come together with us. Well, do that anyway. Let’s be one in our focus and determination to see this through, one love, one focus, one purpose.

We began by speaking of what is going on in your heavens. It is the universe’s support for you. Do not let the sellers of fear tell you any different.

With much love, we wish you good day.

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