Friday, October 11, 2013

White Tara: A Message Of Hope

White Tara represents the divine virtues of Compassion, Long Life, Healing And Serenity and Her mantra is"OM TARE TUTTARE TURE SVAHA!"

Channelled By Jose Sanchez On 10-10-13 

I am so happy to be able to share with you once again the love and the energy of such a lovely and amazing being as the White Tara is. My God if only i had the words to describe such a beauty, but my only hope is that you feel her love and her sweetness through her words.
Love be with you my dear family, Jose.

I come to you again in this beautiful day. So much expansiveness and incredible amounts of downloads are happening and will continue to happen until the day when the long awaited moment of truth arrives.

It isn’t a moment in time but a moment in perception because you have all reached the new Earth. you have all been there for a while now.

What has been happening is the clearing of the layers. Imagine an over imposed image being removed from the true image.

My word the true reality is so colorful and beautiful and many of you are now seeing and feeling the new energies of the new Earth.

So many of you have left the old paradigm of war and worry behind and are here as great living anchors of light. With each and everyone of you who awakens a new thread is connected to your new reality and this makes the process go faster and faster.

You are becoming one with the new grid of light and the effects are being felt world wide and all through the universe.

Now to matters of change. It was no accident the American government shut down on the day after my arrival. This has been orchestrated by heaven. The powers that were have wanted since they realized there was no scape from the influx of love and light to go down with the ship and to take as many of you with them as they possibly can. It has been a great disappointment for them to also realized that their plan won’t be allowed to come to fruition.

They made their beds and now they have to lay in them and no choice but to accept the consequence of their ways. Also know they will be greatly acknowledged and appreciated for their tremendous work in helping accelerate your growth.

They have been trying through their silly games of politics to instill fear in you all their main modus operandi.

What they have done through their silly games is to open the door wide open for the new financial system as you all are wishing for a more peaceful way of life.

This face off is coming to and end and it is on its last leg. You are all tired of their old set ways and are praying for change and again I repeat this is all being cleared and the true reality of peace and love is surfacing.

Abundance is your new way of life. Yes all debts will be forgiven and you will all enjoy more time to play and grow in your spirituality. You have been conditioned to believe that the only way to succeed is to work hard but that isn’t so.

Your brethren of light enjoy much time to commune with the all and to play and do as they wish. Play time is a must for everyone and you are soon going to receive a great download and boost in your thinking and your knowing that will allow you to see and understand this brand new way of life.

Enjoy your lives to the fullest and this joy will warp you forth into a loving life.

It was through your fears they fed and grew in power by keeping you too busy to realize how powerful you all are.

My dear children as their numbers dwindle your numbers grow and you all are becoming stronger and wiser by holding more light and by walking in a higher frequency.. Their resources are being exhausted and yours abound. Use your eyes to see and your hearts to feel you new reality…
Awaken, awaken, awakened you are.

Every night most of you are working so very lovingly and with such a fervor because you know you are in perfect harmony with the all and the divine plan of ascension. As you all go into dream state your education has accelerated in that way when the moment of truth is here you will have the tools and the knowledge to usher your grand awakening and a great renaissance of light.

Every morning when you come into your physical bodies some of you might feel disoriented and tired, do not worry yourselves as this is only temporary as the body adjusts and jumps in frequency. Each and every day you anchor more and more new light, new energies and new forces thus laying the foundation not only for the rainbow bridge but the rainbow existence and reality.

Why am I calling it rainbow?

You will see everything more vibrant more alive and your eyes will see a rainbow with great spectrum of colors far beyond what you can see now.

How many of you have wished to go back in time and to do things with innocence of a child but with the knowledge of an adult?

Now imagine and realized that is what your new reality is like, you will carry the wonder, the innocence of a curious child with the knowledge and the understanding of ascended masters. You will have your cake and you will get to eat it too.

Reach out to the skies and know you can touch it with your hearts and bring all that energy into you and help you nourish you when you feel tired and allow it to uplift you when you feel down. The entire universe is here to serve you great masters, yes you are getting the job done in such a meticulous way. You are now crossing all the T’s and dotting all the I’s. You are crossing all the bridges and have now bridged heaven and Earth.

I wish to now mention the comet known to you as ISON, this comet has now made several course correction which has led many to finally realize, one that is has consciousness and two that is is more of a space ship than just a regular comet. This is a blessing for you all a wonderful gift of new light and the new templates for a new Earth. Many new seeds are within it that will accelerate your perception and understanding of your universe and the universe within you.

Lift your gaze to the heavens as many things will take place to signal the arrival of this vessel of light.

Blessings are within you, love is who you are.

Love, Live, Sing.
White Tara

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