Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Are You Ready For Some Eclipse Magic? Eclipses Are Game-Changers...

Around us and within us, our Cosmos is alive with the fierce, insistent energies of big change and deep transformation.  The Moon is waxing towards a potent Lunar Eclipse in Aries at 7:37 p.m. EDT Friday.

Eclipses are game-changers. They’re the Universe’s most dramatic way of bringing change into our world and our lives.  This one is aligning our right brains-- where 96% of all we know is stored, beneath the threshold of our conscious minds -- with all that's happened in the last two years.  It's calling us to break new ground in our relationships with ourselves, each other -- and Life.

A whole order of being will end with Friday night’s eclipse, and a new one will begin.  Between now and November 10, reality is being reshaped at the energetic level -- within you and around you.

The energy field is already live.  Around you and within you, the stage is being set:

* The Sun is getting closer and closer to the reversal of its magnetic poles.  This reboot of our Star's energy happens every 11 years -- and like everything else in our Universe, this time will be super-charged by the scale and scope of simultaneous energetic changes taking place.  While no on knows exactly when the polarity reversal will happen, it's imminent.  The Sun has sent forth two M-class solar flares in the last two days, with a third expected tomorrow -- each one up-leveling our vibrational frequency.

* Mercury has come to the near-standstill known as the "retrograde storm" as he prepares for his final retrograde of 2013.  Between now and November 10, we'll all be doing some deep re-thinking and re-assessing about power, desire, and our ability to change.
*Mars the the Cosmic Warrior and the ruler of this eclipse. This morning, he entered Virgo, the ancient sign of the Goddess.  The Warrior is moving towards the eclipse point in service to the Cosmic Feminine and her underlying energy of Love and connection.  And remember -- he's not only outside you.  Like everything else in the Universe, he's also within you.

* Saturn, who the ancients knew at the Guardian at the gates of the Great Mystery,  moved yesterday out of the territory of his 5-month vision-quest earlier this year.  We've finally integrated all we learned  between February and July.  We’re now in new territory.  We're tapping new energy as we create and re-create the structures of our lives.  

Eclipse Power: Freeing the Shadow & Unleashing the Future

Friday's eclipse isn't like most, which belong to series that unfold over many centuries. One of only four eclipses in a very short-lived series, this Aries Lunar Eclipse of 2013 seems to belong to a select group with a specialized and precise mission.

As a penumbral eclipse, this one occurs when the Moon dips into the Earth’s shadow, activating energy there that we can't see and so aren't aware of. Some of what is in the shadow is negative energy that needs to be released. Most of it , though, is pure treasure, what Carl Jung called "the positive shadow."

The shadow magic of this eclipse goes even deeper than the Earth's penumbra, triggering two profoundly mysterious shadow points that the ancients called the "antiscia." Planets that lie on antiscia act as hidden allies, operating on a level that cannot be detected. At this eclipse, Mars – who’s the ruling energy of the eclipse – is at the Moon’s antiscia point. And Mars is exactly across the sky from Neptune – who’s at the Sun’s antiscia point.

Mars and Neptune are our secret energetic keys to this lunation.  Their combined energies of ground-breaking courage and inspired compassion can dissolve the barriers to the creative breakthroughs that are pushing so insistently from deep within, making their way to the surface. For the closer we come to the eclipse field, the more the healing energy makes itself available to us. Everywhere, we seem to be getting to the core issues we face in our lives. Everywhere, the roots of our fear and our heartache are revealing themselves to us. Here's what's most important to remember:

* Don't be dismayed if the powerful energies of change bring what seem to be "negative" developments. The entire solar system is in a state of big shift! Some things are falling apart so that others can come together ina new way. It's all temporary! Think of the next three weeks as a cosmic reconstruction zone.

* On Wednesday, Jupiter, the Cosmic Blessing Giver, will conjunct the most karmic point in the sky -- the Moon's South Node. This is a rare and powerful opportunity to release old patterns that are keeping us in bondage. We don't have to know how. We only have to be willing to gratefully receive the grace.

* As we move into the eclipse, stay in your heart and trust what it tells you.

* Find what inspires you, what keeps your heart open, and act on that! Let your heart lead the way into the future!

May the days ahead be rich with blessings and breakthroughs for you!
Love and blessings,
Star Sister (aka Marcia)

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