Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Light Collective: Are You Looking For Love?


Channelled By Tazjima (aka Eliza Ayres)10-28-13

We are the Light Collective, a gathering of ascended masters, angelic and light beings, as well as members of the Elemental Kingdom.

Today our theme is: “ Are you looking for love in all the wrong places?”

Inspired by a reader’s comment and refreshed by a walk in the cool autumnal air, our scribe is ready to take on another short piece.

What is love, really?

This has been a perennial question in the hearts of many people, lifetime after lifetime, as hit by the storms of life, seemingly bereft of solace; they have yearned to find true love.

Some lucky ones have discovered shelter in the arms of another and have learned the delicate art of giving and receiving, sharing a short time together or many decades. Still, even this is not the fullness of love. 

Many of you, knowing the true quality of Love from living in the higher dimensions, have come here to experience the seemingly absence of love. Through your daily life, you have experienced loneliness and even desolation, as the painful prick of separation has wounded your emotional body.
You may have even judged yourself as not being deserving of love, not worthy… perhaps suffering lack due to a need to balance “karma.”

These are judgments and prejudices emanating from the old paradigm of control and domination. Maybe you have felt that you didn’t have what other people appeared to have. So, perhaps out of desperation you sought to grab it away, surrounding yourself with material goods and a trophy spouse. And still found, much to your chagrin, a great sense of emptiness within, unfed and unquenched.

Perhaps you turned away from the world feeling that because you perceived that you had been rejected, that you would punish yourself by rejecting others.

Perhaps you sought the company of shallow, short-lived relationships, always hungering for what did not seem to satisfy the inner longing.

Or perhaps you withdrew entirely into depression, seeking solace in a bottle, a needle or a joint.

You looked, continually, to others to supply what you deemed your lack, but the seeking was often for naught. You read books, attended lectures, prayed, ate what you thought was the “right” food, worked hard… and perhaps still did not receive your just reward, true love.

You latched onto the promises of others who said that they could teach you how to find your soul mate, if only you paid them money and took their classes or read their book.

You joined a dating service, only to discover a huge quantity of individuals totally mismatched to your energies. And still you yearned to find love, outside, elusive and unavailable. Or so you thought.

You were simply looking for love in all the wrong places.

You are Love. If you have been a seeker, you have heard that simple saying before, but have you ever considered it to be true for you?

Love is the engine that drives the universes. Love is energy. Love is powerful. Love is cleansing. Love heals all wounds, instantly; unconditional love, that is.

Within the old third dimensional structures, love has been seen as something that could be bought. Lust and infatuation has also been mistaken for love. Love is not any of those things and all of those things. Love is the very under-pinning and foundation of the material worlds. And love is beyond human words to express its magnificent qualities. Love is beyond the ability to quantify, divide or destroy. It simply is eternal.

You must experience love to begin to get an inkling of what we speak. How do I go about this, you may ask? Meditation and prayer will open the way. Learning to love you and to forgive is another step.

Forgiveness of self and others allows you to let go of all the past hurts, wrongs and injustices. It allows you to begin to dismantle the barriers that your ego has erected around your heart in order to protect you.

Meditation is a way to quiet the overactive rational mind and to overstep the artificial boundaries placed on your imagination by the ego. Step through the fence, pass the wall that has been erected around your etheric heart center and allow the soul to melt away the fear, distrust and angst.

Once you enter the realm of Love, you step beyond the boundaries of ego’s understanding. You are carried by the winds of heaven into worlds without end. You leave judgment and sorrow behind.

But… you live in a physical world, with daily challenges which require you to focus your attention and time. In these times, few are those who can live in the energies of the higher dimensions all the time, at least yet. This is changing as the Shift advances and at a very rapid rate. Thus, some people find themselves overwhelmed by challenge, some have found a place of balance and allowing in their life, and others are energized by the onslaught of intense cosmic rays.

Each person is in the right place according to the dictates of their soul. And by seeking the calm inner voice of Love, that emanates from your soul and monad (soul family) you can latch onto and follow the beacon Home, too.

Judge not, either yourself for perceived failings or another, for their mistakes or perceived imbalances. Each of you is undergoing a very unique and tailored for your experience process that draws you ever closer to the Heart of the Creator.

Choices need to be made. Simplifying your life will allow those choices to become clearer. By the act of detaching yourself from the demands and distractions of the old energy, you will find that you no longer need the same.

Discover within that place of neutrality and become the observer in your world. Detach, simplify and be quiet. As your sense of peace grows naturally in the quiet, you will discover for yourself that you are strong enough to withstand the vicissitudes that life throws in your direction. You will begin to be the light in the forest, the lighthouse standing tall above the wave-lashed shore.

Within your heart, you will discover that love has never left you behind, that you have never been alone. Always your soul, along with your guides and mentors, has always been with you. Let go of the judgment, the need to please others and realize that you are okay, now, just as you are.

Whatever you have done in this lifetime and others, you can be healed. And those of you, who are light workers, have done extra work to transmute the misaligned energies of love buried within your karmic and genetic legacies. Without your presence here, the world would still remain in shadow.

You came here because you are an emanation of the heart of the Creator. You were chosen to be here, to undergo trial and tribulation, to forget, to experience ache and pain, all for the purpose of returning the wholeness of Creation back to full alignment with the First Cause. And you are succeeding very well, indeed.

Your being here is an act of great love.

Let the tears fall. Feel the smile begin, inside, deep within your heart. Reach out in your imagination to those you cannot see, the ones you left behind when you embodied here, on Gaia. They are here, waiting for you to open to both them and the greater You. Allow yourself to drop your barriers to feeling and open like a flower to the sun.

Feel the warmth of the bright sun within. It is the love of your soul for you. It has no conditions and waits patiently for you to turn to it. By becoming quiet, by letting go of defenses, by going within… in short, doing everything that you’ve always been told not to do… you will rediscover the fullness of yourself that exists within Love, always.

You are Love, dear ones. Really begin to take that thought and ponder upon it. It is simple yet the most profound truth that you will ever come across. Like love, you are eternal and unbound. And you can live within the warm resonance of love always if you so choose.

Go now in peace. Our love and admiration goes with you.


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