Monday, October 28, 2013

The Arcturian Group Message 10-28-13

Channelled Via Marilyn Raffaele 

We of the Arcturian Group wish to welcome all to this message.

We come to teach and inform, never to preach or push you into understanding something you cannot accept as of yet. The main focus of these messages is to help you understand that you are in charge of YOU … no one else, and to help you remember and claim the power you have always held as spiritual Beings, but have forgotten.

All are in and of the Divine, and therefore all that you have been seeking is already within you. This is a difficult concept to understand if heard with third dimensional ears.

It is not that you have a little box in your heart holding all sorts of material treasures, but that within you is a spark of the Divine. That spark, being in and of Source, automatically embodies everything also within Divine Consciousness – every Divine Idea and every facet of truth – your very life, intelligence, wholeness etc., all held infinitely in place by Divine Law.

Evolution is simply the process of awakening to truth, and because everyone’s past life experiences are different, everyone’s evolutionary journey will be different. Everyone unfolds progressively as they are ready, always under the guidance of the Higher Self.

Over time man forgot who he was and came to believe that he was separate from Source and all other living things which resulted in lives of struggle and suffering in order to survive. Duality and separation became the consciousness of the world, always perfectly manifesting itself as the pairs of opposites – sometimes good and sometimes bad – two ends of the same stick. Good appearances are no more spiritual than bad appearances – understand and ponder this truth.

Always there were the few who remembered who they were and tried to tell the world, but for this they were crucified, burned and tortured because others had discovered that by maintaining ignorance within the masses, they could draw to themselves great power and wealth – which is still happening today. Open your eyes Dear Ones and start to see through much that is being fed to you as fact – begin to question. Listen to your intuition and not to the voices screaming at you from your televisions, radios, and pulpits.

Try not to preach new understandings to the world, for you may lose them in your attempt to verbalize to those not ready or able to hear. Simply hold each new awareness within, protecting it as a mother holds her unborn infant until it is strong and ready to be born.

Practice by translating all you see, hear, taste, touch, and smell into its spiritual reality. Example: The common desire for a “right” companion is actually the material sense of a yearning to experience completeness and wholeness – translate and realize; “I am always Divinely and perfectly companioned and can never be separated from my perfect companion – Divine Consciousness”. This realization (not simply intellectual knowledge) may then manifest in the outer scene as the perfect companion if that experience would represent completeness for you.

The practice of knowing the truth as you go about your day will change the world because each new awareness adds truth and eliminates error from impersonal universal world consciousness. Others can then begin to access the increasingly enlightened world consciousness, which helps them to open and begin their own journey.

This is what it means to be a Lightworker. Many still hold concepts of what a Lightworker is, believing it refers only to those who heal, preach, or do fabulous psychic readings. No, Lightworkers are all who bring Light to the world in through their evolved state of consciousness. This is reflected in the Light of your energy field – You.

Many will feel this and are drawn to your energy (or are sometimes repelled) for all innately yearn for that which you hold even though they do not know exactly what it is that you have. Most interpret this attraction in very three dimensional ways (your clothes, your hair, your job, your money, your fame etc.). Remember, always hold yourselves in compassion, never entering into the energy of sympathy, for in sympathy you align with another’s energy field and may find yourself drawn in and depleted.

Every soul on Earth is attracted to high-resonating energy because everyone is a spiritual Being – all resonate with it, even though they may be many lifetimes away from understanding or even being interested in this. A very un-evolved soul may experience this desire for peace and wholeness as the need to commit murder which, in their thinking, would resolve a discord and bring them the peace they long for. They do not understand these longings to be spiritual in nature, and so interpret them according to their state of consciousness.

Many are still confused by issues of right or wrong. Intention defines the energy of every action according to the level of attained state of awareness. This is how you forgive yourself for past actions – by realizing that you were doing what you deemed best according to your state of consciousness at that time. You would not take the same action today.

Proselytizing and attempting to force a certain belief system – “my” way is the only “right” way” – onto others is an activity of ego. Even when you can clearly observe where someone is missing the mark, it must be understood that the experience is their lesson and their path, which may be totally different than yours. This does not mean you cannot throw out a helpful “seed” of advice, but then let it go. No one can be forced into a state of consciousness they have not yet attained, and all have Guides, a Higher Self, and a contract they are following. Prisons are still necessary for those harmful to themselves and others, but should be places of healing and growth, not simply places of punishment.

Every soul lives out from a deep desire for completeness because although he has consciously forgotten, he innately knows it is who he is. That is why the search for happiness and peace manifests in infinite form and variety – whatever makes sense to an individual’s state of consciousness.

Understanding this will help you to forgive the world nonsense you see and hear about, even within yourself. Remember that everyone is doing the best they can with where they are at.

Send Light to those who do not yet know why they do what they do, and know that regardless of appearances, this is a spiritual world of ONE governed and maintained forever by Divine Law.

We are the Arcturian Group

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