Thursday, October 31, 2013

Angelic Guides - "Are Ghosts Real?"

Channelled By Taryn Crimi


In keeping with the theme of this coming holiday of Halloween as well as the Day of the Dead we have been asked to share our perspective on ghosts. Certainly there are many who deny their existence, and we would be happy to dedicate this time to shedding some light on the topic at hand. Many are eager to know if “ghosts are in fact real? Are they good or bad? Who are they? What do they want? Why are they here? These are just some of the questions that we will touch upon in this message at this time.

There are many who question the validity of ghosts; who deny their very presence. In many ways there are mysterious legends and stories told about these beings. Let us begin this message by stating that ghosts do in fact exist. They are just as real as any of you are. We do not consider all beings in the non-physical world as being ghosts, nor do we define all souls who have crossed over from the physical world into the higher realms to be ghosts.

Let us share with you our definition of what a “ghost” is as this tends to encompass a rather large category of souls. From our perspective, a ghost is simply a being who has incarnated into your physical reality however upon death they have chosen to remain attached to the lifetime rather than return fully to the higher realms of non-physicality. Just as you create your reality with your thoughts in your physical reality, you continue to create your reality with your thoughts, fears and beliefs upon death in the non physical world as well. These beings have such an attachment to the physical world that they refuse to release their consciousness from that particular lifetime. Now just as all of you have had many incarnations both on and off this world, so have these beings you refer to as “ghosts”.

Now in regards to why they are here, we will get to that in just a moment. You see, each of you are an eternal divine being who has chosen to momentarily play the role of a physical being incarnated within the reality of duality. We have mentioned many times before that from our perspective all lives are going on simultaneously. Meaning that they are all happening right now. There are no past and future lives, only lives which are taking place in different time periods in this now moment. We realize that from your perspective you still perceive time to be linear and as a result your minds feel most comfortable placing each lifetime in chronological order. Now the reason why we have mentioned this is because though these “ghosts” have become so attached to a particular lifetime that they refuse to release the role which they played, their higher self and soul is still able to devote a good portion of the over all total consciousness on many other lifetimes as well.

 Each lifetime only utilizes a small fragment of the total higher self or souls consciousness. Though we realize that you are only aware of this one particular life at this moment, your soul is more than capable of directing and overseeing many different lifetimes at once. Please note that it is not because you are not capable of focusing on more than one lifetime at a time in this life, it’s just the rules of the game which you have chosen to partake in. So, even though a being may not want to “let go” or release the attachment that they have to a particular lifetime, there soul is by no means trapped or prevented from experiencing many other lifetimes simultaneously.

Now with that being said, we will now briefly explain why a soul may become so attached to a particular lifetime that they are not willing to let it go. Certainly there are many reasons however we will share with you some of the most common that we have witnessed. Surely one of the very most common is due to a soul becoming so consumed with the material aspect of a physical life and we are not referring to only money, but all material possessions of the physical world, that they feel that they are not ready to let those go and as a result they choose to linger around the home, or place in which they lived to stay with their possessions.

 Another very common reason is due to a strong feeling of injustice, or revenge that the particular personality of the soul took on in that lifetime. Because these souls refuse to allow the higher perspective of the higher realms to re-enter their consciousness they remain focused upon the injustice that they feel has been perpetrated in that lifetime. In other words the personality still is holding on the perspective it had as a physical being rather than regaining the state of full consciousness again.

Yet another common reason is to share information with those who have remained in the physical that they were not able to share before they departed from their physical death. They feel a tremendous amount of urgency to ensure that their message is received before they can peacefully allow their consciousness to return to the higher realms. There are also souls who fear death so very much that upon experiencing a physical death they choose to cling to the physical world for fear of what will become of them. Certainly these souls are offered assistance by legions of Angels and in time they accept the reality that they are in fact an eternal being and there in fact is a reality that exists after a physical death.

Now it is important to also note that there is a distinct difference between communicating with those who have crossed over and those who are referred to as being ghosts. Each and every one of you has the innate ability to connect with each and every soul who has crossed over into the non-physical realms. This does not in any way mean that your loved ones are not in peace or trapped simply because you can still connect with them. Though many view death as an end, we simply see it as being a transition from one form to another. You are always able to connect with the higher self of any soul. It is also important to note that even though the soul has chosen to reincarnate into another role, you are still able to connect with your loved ones as you knew them; as the role and personality that they shared with you. Energy knows no time.

A ghost on the other hand is most often seen continuing their daily lives just as they did in the
physical world or even guarding the place in which they lived as they still consider it to be their possession. Ghosts will often try to engage in the daily lives of those who still remain in the physical world, often yearning to return to physicality. This again is very different from your loved ones who have crossed over who simply want to let you know they have not truly “left”, rather they have only changed. They have peacefully returned to the non-physical dimensions and simply want to share their eternal love for you and continue to support and love you long after they have chosen to cross over. They may connect with you through signs, smells, feelings, electricity or messages. Your loved ones can always be reached.

Many have questioned us about perceiving “orbs of light”. These images are most often captured on digital film, through a camera, or video though some are able to detect these lights with their physical senses. Though it is most often detected with your technology simply because your digital technology is operating at a different wave length. Orbs of light can be many things; Angels, spirits, ghosts, fairies, just to name a few. You are simply detecting a high concentration of energy.

Humans seem to fear what they cannot detect with their 5 physical senses. You have been taught to believe that your five physical senses can be relied upon so heavily that nothing else exists that cannot be detected by them. Many of you are beginning to slowly regain your intuitive senses and you will find with time that these can be much more reliable than anything your physical senses can detect. Most often when a physical being comes into contact with a spirit or ghost they are fearful, not of the being themselves, but of the unknown. It is often the uncertainty of the ghosts intentions, the question of if they are able to bring harm to you, and why they have chosen to reach out to you that seems so haunting. Many are freighted by even the thought of seeing or interacting with a “ghost”.

The depictions that are often played on your movie scenes are over dramatized. It is the human collectives depiction of the fear of the unknown; death and what occurs after your physical death. We can assure you, death is most often far less traumatic than birth, if you could only remember the two.

If ever you feel as though you have come into contact with a “spirit or ghost” whom you do not resonate with, all that you must do is request that they leave. You may call upon Arch Angel Michael specifically to assist you in clearing an energy or presence which you do not feel comfortable around. Most often these souls simply desire to connect with the physical world and do not wish to harm you. Remember you will not attract negative entities if it is not your intention or desire to do so. As in everything, you will always attract what you resonate with.

Certainly you may always call upon us and we will gladly assist you in any way that we can. We hope that we have served you.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

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