Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Oracle Report For 10-30-13

Balsamic Moon Phase: Release, Transform, Heal, Forgive

Moon: Virgo

Another X-flare was released from the Sun yesterday, continuing to amplify light and the power to imprint the energy. With light comes warmth, and today we are cultivating the inner fire to spread far and wide.

Light is information and solar flares are like "compressed data."  Our cells respond to solar energy.  Whe solar flares are released, our cells receive and store the data.  The data is opened at different times by everyone, according to our own specific energetic signatures.  Astrology is a language that can read the codes of this process.  DNA is another.  There are many.

That said, we move to the Balsamic phase of the Moon today, the phase that directs us to release heaviness or burdens acculmulated since the New Moon on October 4 (and also any burdens that have existed for a longer time).  Since the New Moon brought a month where were like miners emerging from a deep coal mine, the Balamic phase finds us out of the mine.  We emerge with a something that is either coal or diamonds, depending on how we look at it and depending on what we need.  Coal fuels.  Diamonds are strong.  Both are characteristics of a brave heart.

It's the heart fires that we need to stoke today.  Heart fires emerge from inside.  They are inner light.  The Moon is in Virgo today, the sign of those who maintain the flame.  The idea today is to set your heart on fire and you can only do this if you focus internally.  You have to focus on yourself.  This isn't selfishness, it's activation of the heart chakra.  It's completely giving yourself over to a fire of love for the goddess embodied as our planet.  It's something between you and her, no one else.  The by-product of it affects others, but it is a singular process at heart.

So set your heart on fire and let's light up across the field.  We blaze from beauty, love of freedom of consciousness, imagination, support for our species, and alignment with actualization of the Goddess Sophia's vision.

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