Master Lanto:
Master LantoHello dear friends, the Light of all Creation and Love that you are. I speak today about energy, about light, and about the radiant quality of it. By now you are increasing your radiance tenfold with each breath you take, with each surrender to the energies that are impinging upon you for the good and love of all.

By all means you are not alone. Thousands and millions of you take part in this grand awakening – human, celestial and galactic. And let it be known that you are all such an integral part, for you are all a piece of Creator, filled with the full magnificence and abundance of Creator.

And with that you can create all you need, all you want and all that is necessary. Let no one tell you differently. There is no formula. There is no creed. There is no waiting around for a specific event; you are doing it now, sweet ones. You carry the torch. You are the link. You are the substance of the light that is carrying everything forward into this new world of Abundance and Light and Love that only you can perceive in your own capacity.

For this moment, I would like to take a little “trip” with you. Abandon all resistance. Abandon all perceptions you hold that would not allow you to perceive that you are such glowing orbs of light, now, here, in this moment. Enhance this glow with your connection with your HeartLove. Enhance this glow with your acceptance of yourselves as glowing orbs of light capable of affecting everything around you, and everything within you, and everything of such magnitude that is capable of transforming your world in this instance with just a flick of your imagination.

For now you may seem and feel solid and fixed in this world you find yourselves in, with so many distractions and so many pulls to old ways of doing things. But we see you adapting every minute to the perception of yourselves as full and complete Light Bodies of the substance of Creator, filled with the Radiance and Abundance and Glow that you could never imagine the full magnitude of. But suffice to say that it is beyond your dreams and your visions based on what you have perceived in the past.

You are not solid and fixed; you are fluid and majestically alive, teaming with glowing particles of light and that build upon themselves with each breath you take, dear ones. Remember this, as you begin to allow the remembrance of your true substance, of your true form. You are glowing orbs of light filled with the potential of a thousand droplets of pure gold capable of spreading throughout your body with the warmth and glow of liquid gold. Get used to this sensation, as it will allow you to flow and meld into your new reality.

Take nothing as solid. See everything as fluid and moving and capable of molding and transforming into anything you need and want. Get used to the idea that you direct it from inside and do not wait for anything to appear on its own in your reality. See it as all capable coming from your Light Essence, dear ones.

This may be a strange and difficult concept to grasp as you are so used to seeing your world as solid and fixed unless something comes from the outside to change it. But just as your Light Bodies are becoming more crystalline and fluid, so is your world. It is time to take away the constructs you hold as true and fixed and start to see objects and things as fluid movement and between the molecules, so to speak. This opens up your acceptance to allowing complete fluidity and movement in everything within and around you.

Here is an exercise that will help you with this: Look at an object before you and ask your mind to define it. This is how you see it based on your past conceptualizing of its nature. Now ask your heart to look at it, to experience it. Ask to see it as fluid and from the perspective of light rays running through it and around it. For all intents and purposes, it is still that object, held in place by your perception based on your mind telling you what it is. But if you look at it from the standpoint of light, it can begin to take on an entirely different presence. Now fill it with love from your Heart of Creator and see it begin to dance with light. See the glow around it, seeing it in an entirely new light.

This is an exercise you can use with anything – emotions, ideas, issues and fears, including your
perceptions of yourselves as Light Beings versus being solid matter. It will prepare you for the shifts that are occurring for you, to let go of the old constructs and perceptions of yourselves and your place in the world.

For now, play with this and feel yourselves becoming lighter and to welcome new perceptions of what things are and what they are made of. For now, just get used to seeing the Lightness in everything, and feeling the Lightness in your bodies as you begin to let go of the concept of yourselves as solid matter in a fixed position in space.

Feel the Radiance and the Love within you grow and expand with each breath you take and begin to see what it does for your perception of things around you. For you are learning about the connection of all things and of the creation of all things that only exist by the virtue of your heart’s intent and perception.

Allow yourselves to absorb this and play with it as a possibility and a potential without allowing your mind to define it. Just experience it, dear ones, and you are well on your way to transforming yourselves and your environment into a model of clear and perceptible light taking on all the hues and colors of higher dimensions into which you are now stepping.

Dear ones, I leave you now with these thoughts to guide you into a new perception of what and who you really are, glowing orbs of light particles capable of transforming everything around you with the intent and letting go it requires. For it is your perception of your True Self that will bring you forward into a world of so many possibilities with the mere intent of what you want to make of your world, allowed by your surrender to the possibilities of something entirely different and magical. For you are the creators and instigators of a New World. You are creating it now.

I AM Master Lanto and I bow to you in your glowing luminescence.

©2013 Fran Zepeda. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is posted in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this notice and links are included.