Sunday, October 6, 2013

Moving Into Exciting, Transformative Events

Please take a moment to listen to the linked Mp3 files.  My intuition agrees with Steve and Linda's; Prime Time Is Now!  Stay out of fear and negativity, cover your basic creature comforts and prepare for 'something completely different...'  DT the ET
Folks, I’d like to post/repost two items because apparently we’re moving into pretty exciting times fairly shortly.

Divine-Mother-3Linda’s source, the Divine Mother, whom we’ll be speaking to tomorrow on An Hour with an Angel, and Blossom’s Galactic Federation sources are both drawing our attention to these allegedly transformative events.

I asked Archangel Michael if this would be one single event and he said, no, it was a series of events.

Here first is a snippet from Linda’s article, with an audiotape. If you’re short of time and wish to go directly to the Mother speaking about our response to the events upcoming, perhaps start directly from 10:00. We will ask the Divine Mother tomorrow about these events.

And join us in the Peace Meditation at 9:00 local time this evening. This will coincide with the raining down on the planet of the Mother’s clear blue energy “that will give the planet greater clarity than they have ever experienced before.”

“Michael has spoken of a series of events and, dear hearts, this is one of them. … I do this to bring a higher level of clarity, or wisdom, of determination, of fortitude and of grace. … I ask you to assist me in this undertaking that it will literally be the planet being penetrated from above and from below. … We transform the human collective now. … Remember 9:00 Sunday wherever you are and if you can’t make it at 9, join me at 7, join me at 11, wherever you are, and this will go on for a full week.”

One point of clarification before we begin; Linda’s name for the Divine Mother is the “Universal Mother Mary.” The Mother will appear to the devotee in any form the devotee wishes and I have no desire to interfere with the way one person sees God, as opposed to another.

But by the same token, the Mother has also acknowledged in one Hour with an Angel interview, that it is she whom we’re addressing by that title.   So when you hear Mary, perhaps keep this additional explanation in mind: the Divine Mother explained it as mare, which means ocean, (1) and is an epithet of the Father actually, the ocean of being, the ocean of love. The Mother and the Father are One.

First, Linda’s message.

Mother Mary’s Assignment

Linda Dillon, Council of Love Newsletter, Oct. 6, 2013

Hi There,
Linda 66Rarely does the Universal Mother make direct requests and give us assignments. But today is the day! Given the urgency of the Mother’s request it is posted as an audio mp3 file rather than waiting for transcription.

Universal Mother Mary has requested us to join her in showering the entire planet, and the collective of humanity, with her clear blue energy beginning tomorrow during our weekly peace meditation.

Mother Mary is calling for an anchoring of clarity, grace and purity upon the planet with this energy as we continue in our journey of Ascension. She tells us that she will be “showering us with her clear blue energy from Sunday, Oct. 6 to Sunday, Oct. 13.” As we join with her in this undertaking it is reflective of our partnership and the Universal Law of Above & Below/ Within & Without.

Imagine my surprised delight when Universal Mother Mary came forth in this morning’s COL Saturday conference call and gifted us once again with her gift of the clear blue clarity. This is a beautiful powerful exercise and a gift which is extremely needed right now when the confusion and chaos is coming to surface. Clarity and love are the keys to shifting all the energies that are discordant on the planet right now. But our Mother has upped the ante, including us in this undertaking – indicative our being in the 5th dimension, and in full partnership with the Company of Heaven.

My sense of amazement was magnified when I went back to my transcripts and realized that this gift was originally bestowed upon us on May 4, 2003! This was the very first of the Creation Series channelings when the Council began to teach us about bringing forth our heart’s desires and reminding us that we are the creator race. She re-gifted us with the clear blue energy again on Oct. 5, 2013.  I’m feeling that perhaps She would really like us to pay attention.

I wondered with the completion of the gathering in Joshua Tree how long the Council would allow us to rest and integrate. It is in alignment with The New You book that our new assignments, and our collective readiness to jump in has already begun. We are ready!

Please join in the meditation this Sunday evening the at 9 p.m. wherever you are and continue the meditation all week. Take time to read this channeling and understand this is one of the events that Archangel Michael has told us about – let’s go!


Second, Blossom’s Channeling.

The Federation of Light Via Blossom Goodchild: October 6, 2013
blossomWhat is to come is to CHANGE EVERYTHING.

You discuss in your world what such an EVENT could be. Yet we say that this of which we speak is THE BIGGEST EVENT that humanity has known.


A EUPHORIC EVENT. … If we could find words to describe it … we would. …

We would like to say here … that many times have you been told that YOU ARE ASCENDING …

That THE CHANGE has begun … That THE ENERGIES coming in are HIGHER. So many things have you been told lately … and this is so.

YET … what ‘ALL THAT’ has been doing … has been to PREPARE YOUR SOUL … FOR … THE EVENT.

For your BEING to be able to cope with the ENERGY that comes in at that time.

We have stated before that some will not be able to ‘deal’ with it … yet they are not at fault. There is no fault … There simply is the process of moving into the NEW BEGINNINGS.

Some we believe have spoken of the ‘gestation period’. …

One speaks of THE BIRTHING of the NEW WORLD. Some say you are already in it.
We choose to say that you shall be in it once THE EVENT has taken place.

As for what happens ‘then’ will be as a new drawing board. A clean slate. All marking removed.
A time when WHO YOU ARE shall be expressed with ease of self. A time when there cannot be a non-resonating … for there will only be that which does.

It is difficult to explain … yet one shall find themselves on ‘their own vibrational residence’. They shall be with and among those who are of same. Where much telepathy shall ensue which shall give Newness to each breath. For heart to heart conversations shall take place … through one glance into the soul. …





And such incredible happenings shall ensue … one after another … after another.

Dearest souls … stock up … as you would say.  For such changes shall bring about ‘haltage’ in many avenues of commerce/trade. (The Federation of Light via Blossom Goodchild: October 6, 2013″ at


(1) The Divine Mother: “I am known by many names, and that is appropriate. And I am thought of in many forms — as Mary, as Shakti, as Mare, which is very close because it is the word of ocean in your world and language. It represents the movement and the giver of life, the creator of life, of love, of form, of substance, of essence.” (“Transcript of the Divine Mother on An Hour with an Angel, May 7, 2012,” at

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