Thursday, October 31, 2013

Archangel Michael: The Building Begins Now And It Begins Where You Are Standing

 Channelled By Ron Head On 10-30-13

orb cloudWe come to you on this day, which you have traditionally celebrated as All Saints Day, as Spirit.  This day you have understood as a communication with those not in body on your earth.  And all of us come today to tell you that this day marks a new beginning in the communication with us.

Because of your own rise in vibration you will feel us as being closer to you than ever.  We have always been everywhere, just as you are, but that will best illustrate the conditions, so we will use those words.  You have drawn closer to us.  So this year you have a true reason to celebrate this day.

You are, as has been said several times and through several messengers, about to journey through quite a stretch of momentous alignments and energy changes.  You are truly in the thick of it, as you say.  We alerted this channel himself that things would change for him, and you should all expect that sort of thing in whatever you are going through and welcome it with open arms and a grateful heart.

Just as we send our gratitude to you for what you are accomplishing, so might you want to return gratitude to your Creator for this opportunity.  Perhaps you do not see the evolution you are going through all that clearly, but we assure you that you are going through it.  And you are being the catalyst for others, as well.

New chances, new opportunities, will be surfacing for you in your lives now, some which you have created where you are, and some which you scheduled long ago to appear at this time.  Look for them.  There are others around you waiting to join you, or perhaps waiting for what you brought with you to this time.  Step forward, step out, step into your new world and make it what you will.

The building begins now.  And it begins where you are standing.  It begins with what you can do.  Do not expect more of yourselves than that.  It is all that is needed.  The love in your hearts and the love which moves through you from Creator will take care of the rest.

Be love.  Be in joy.  We will speak again soon.  It is time for you to realize that we speak constantly and through many voices, even your own when you allow it.  Listen.  Listen to those who your heart tells you speak our words, and listen, as well, to yourselves.

Blessings upon you now.  Good day.

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