Sunday, October 20, 2013

The High Council Of Orion Message On 10-16-13

Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood

Transcribed by Paul Marwood


“Greetings Dear Ones, We are the High Council of Orion.

Before we begin we ask that each one of you take that nice deep breath in for yourself, allowing the air the surrounds you to fill your lungs. Allow it to infuse greater level of oxygen into your body, yet understanding always that it is your breath, which is your connection between your spirit and your human existence. For when your spirit no longer animates your human existence, the breath stops. Or if the breath stops the spirit, the soul, loses its connection with the physical body. So understanding that your breath is integral to your incarnation, and it's also integral to your connection with the spiritual realms and the realms beyond.

Now that you've taken that moment to take some nice beautiful breaths for yourself we ask you to tune in at the moment with how you feel as you allow yourself to breathe into your presence. Breathe into the current moment in which you exist. We’re going to talk more about the breath today and your connection with your awareness of the Now, your breath as your ability to help you stay in your current moment, your breath as an exercise or expression of your ability to actually bring new information in. So this is a fun and exciting exploration that we have not brought through before.

As we mentioned a moment ago the breath is this connection between Soul and human experience. When you look at them as interconnected they are also interdependent. For those many of you who are looking to the realms beyond wanting to reach out to receive more from Spirit, from higher sources, if you will, we ask you to do that by bringing awareness to your breath. So as you wish to connect through by thinking, through prayers, through meditation, through journaling, whatever it is, we ask that you begin to be attention to your breathing and your breath. Before you ask, before you tune in, before you begin to write, allow yourself to really become present to your breathing. Allow yourself to feel your breathing in its fullest expression.

For if you have been in your mind, if you've been in your everyday world, you may find that you're breathing gets very shallow, as many say very much “chest breathing”. So the breathing we ask you to do is that breathing into your abdomen, breathing into the belly, so that they are the full breaths that as you breathe in you imagine the air flowing all the way down into the lowest parts of your abdomen. Clearly, within your physicality, it's limited to your lungs, but the idea that as you envision it filling your entire torso you are expanding the fullness of the lungs and you transcend the stress, if you will, of the “mind breathing”: the shallow breathing.

Just bring yourself to the awareness of the shift in the energy within your physical body as you begin to breathe deeply that way. The breathing is always present. It's always gentle. It's not a forced deep breath. It’s a gentle breath and as you practice this in any given session, if you will, the breathing might be a little bit shallower, in the next breath a little bit deeper, in the next breath as you feel more relaxed it’s deeper and deeper until those belly breaths, the ones that fill your torso, come more easily and naturally to you. As you move to that place bring your awareness to how your body feels.

Then begin the point of asking for guidance, asking for connection and inspiration, again through prayer, through meditation, through journaling, in whatever way you connect with and receive your messages. Allowing those moments where you are deepening that exchange and interchange between the interface of the Soul and the human experience through the breath opens up your energetic field to allow for more. As you practice this breathing experience observe the shifts and changes in the messages you receive, the connection you feel, the inspiration you believe that you are receiving.

Then, as you move throughout your day where you might not be in those conscious moments of asking for guidance and inspiration and information, allow yourself to consistently come back into awareness of your breathing even when you're in your workaday world. Take that moment to shift your breathing and move to that place of ease. For as you shift your awareness and begin to increase the way that you breathe and shift the way that you breathe, to allow those fuller breaths, you are increasing and expanding your connection with your Soul, your connection to the higher realms, your connection to higher-level inspiration. Have fun with this!

And as always…Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”

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