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Sanat Kumara Discusses the Law of Unification On 10-1-13

Heavenly Blessings Transcript: Introduction

unificationSuzanne Maresca: Good morning and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of “The New You, Emerging Into The Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness,” and myself Suzanne Maresca.

I wasn’t sure until five minutes ago who our guide would be for today’s topic on the Universal Law of Unification. That’s kind of appropriate though, because the Council of Love is a unified whole, bringing information to humanity through their various aspects for the highest good of all concerned. Sanat Kumara is the one today.

The Law of Unification is especially relevant to our experience now as we transition away from duality and into Unity Consciousness, understanding at a core level that we’re all connected. That connection includes those we perceive as having done dark things, knowing that we all have our roles to play in Divine service.

I’m excited about this week’s discussion and the fact that, in every moment that passes, we’re moving closer and closer to knowing in our hearts that we’re all brothers and sisters in the Light. That’s all of humanity, the animal kingdoms, the fairy realms, nature spirits, our Star families, the Celestial realms; the list is long. Welcome back, Linda!

Linda Dillon: Hi. It’s good to be back. I have a cold, but I really wanted to get back and take it on with our discussion of Universal Law.

I think this is one of my favorite Laws, because it seems to really address so many of the issues that have been part of the false grid of the old third and the fact that we’re so connected. I was saying to you, Suzi, just coming from the Joshua Tree Gathering for the New You, that it was an embodiment and the practice of this Law.

One of the things that really struck me throughout the entire time together was that everybody was in this unified family. There was no sense of separation; in fact, quite the contrary. There was this deep recognition, particularly as we did our opening ceremony, of people recognizing one another from different lives and on a soul level. And to come together in this common purpose of re-weaving the tapestry for humanity, everybody was on-point.

Each uniquely different and delightful by the way, but everybody was in that same mind frame of “We’re here, we’re here to do a job, but we’re here to do it with laughter and giggles, some tears, and with a real, common purpose.”

It was delightful. And it was sort of the application, the living examples of this Law. No one was separate – the land, the buildings, the cushions, the people, the instruments, the Celestials, the Star Beings that were present – we were all One.

SM: The Unified Field. That’s beautiful. I really want to thank you, Linda, for continuing to show up and share your gifts with the human collective. Sometimes I think that mission in service is the only thing keeping us in form. It feels like the thing to do. I mean, we’ve earned the right to maintain and transform our physical vessels, but right now they can still feel quite limiting. So thank you very much for showing up, even when you have a cold.

LD: Thank you, Suzi. Yes, I sometimes find the limitations of what I choose to allow into my body are quite amazing. But here I am.

SM: So here we are. And my meditations these days have become very simple and it’s all about unification in a very big energetic way. I’ve taken to heart when they tell us to think big, so I’ve absolutely been thinking big in my meditations.

And it’s all about unification in one big, glowing ball of fabulous Light. And that’s everything – all the Kingdoms I mentioned before, calling in the whales and dolphins and the trees and just everything you can think of that’s here. Of course there’s lots that we don’t know about that’s here, and I’ll call them in too.

LD: You start to call them in. While my partner Isaac and I walk our little dog Eliza at night, we’ve started to see creatures that we’ve never seen before. I’m so glad I’m not alone in this, but it’s the weirdest thing. And you know, it’s not just off in the distance or across the river, but scurrying across the street in front of us. And we just look at each other.

But it’s solid form. It’s not like seeing an apparition or a shadow. These are solid beings and to me it feels like creatures that we’re not familiar with are actually beginning to show themselves, because our capacity to be part of that Unified Field is really opening up. So it’s exciting.

And again, in Joshua Tree, you know there were Star Beings in the mix at the Conference with us. Not everybody saw the people that were in the building with us, but there were Star Beings. There was also the Neptune, the Mothership was hovering above the building at night. Everybody saw the rainbow ships, so it was this sensation of breaking through what we thought of as what’s available to us. It was cool.

SM: That is cool. Another cool thing that’s happened is that up until now, my intuition and guidance has come in the form of visions and ideas. Now it’s become more like a conversation with people that are just right here with me. I’m not seeing them yet, but I’m definitely hearing them. Maybe doing this show has helped me to move into that, and to me it’s a delightful and welcome new phase.

LD: That’s fabulous news. You know, I’ve taught, both in person and on the webinar series, how to channel. It’s not about getting a new job or starting a new career as a channeler, but it’s getting to the point exactly of what you’ve just said. It’s getting to that point where you’re just in that constant conversation with your Guides, with the Angelic Realm, with the Masters; so, girlfriend, you’re there.

SM: Yes, I am. It’s exciting. And I know that they help me prepare for the show with questions and things like that, which I am very grateful for. It just feels natural.

LD: Yahoo!

SM: So, what do you think. Is it a good time for meditation?

LD: I think it’s a great time for meditation.

SM: Fabulous, thank you so much.

(Meditation starts at 10:21 – ends at 21:48)

 Sanat Kumara Channelling
Sanat Kumara: Greetings, I am Sanat Kumara.

SM: Welcome.

Raj: And welcome to you. Yes, you may call me Sanat, you may call me SK, you may call me Raj.
And I am pleased that you have called me for there were many who wished to speak this day on this delightful topic of Unification. Because of course it is the fiber, the matrix of who we all are.

Throughout the Multiverse, throughout the Omniverse that the Mother/Father One has created. It’s very large.

And yet within this there is not one speck of dust or one molecule of water or dirt that does not have a unique place within this Multiverse. And there is a knowing of all the Kingdoms and certainly among your Star brothers and sisters and even those of very distant Galaxies of the interconnectedness of all. And that what one does, affects the whole.

This is one of the areas that I particularly wish to speak to this day. It is how your heart, your thoughts, your actions, your position affects the totality, and I wish to address this in the most positive of manners.

Beloved friends, I speak to you not simply as Planetary Logos or Keeper of the Universal Law. I speak to you as brother and friend. I speak to you perhaps as older brother, or older sister for that matter, when you would sit at nine or ten and you would ask those questions of such a private, blushing confidential nature of how things worked biologically.

Well, now it’s time to have the true conversation and there is certainly no room for embarrassment or hesitation or confidentiality for that matter. Because we want your entire planet to know and understand how things work.

You, each and every one of you, are an essential part, unique and beautiful, but essential to the whole; dare I say, to the operational structure of the whole. You cannot build a plane or a complicated piece of machinery and simply omit a ball-bearing or a screw or a piece of metal. It is not possible; the whole thing collapses. It is far too risky.

And so it is with each of you. You are essential components, elements in the Mother’s Plan. She did not birth you and then forget about you. That is not within the realm of possibility. And you think, “but she has birthed so much and so much has been created, how can I matter? How can I count?” It is a very honest and true question that you pose. How can you matter in such a massive expanse of the Universe?

And in your human mind, yes, even in your fifth, sixth and seventh dimensional minds, it is boggling to think that in this gigantic Universe that you are not only attended to, and loved, noticed and noted, but essential and critical to the whole.

Otherwise, you would not have been birthed. Otherwise, you would have remained at home.
It is not simply that you wished to go exploring, that you wished to move out of home. The birthing of your spark of Love, what you tend to think of as your spark of Light, was very much a planned event. And one that was heralded with anticipation and joy.

And that is your birthright. It is the joy of knowing who you are, of your incredible uniqueness, and yet you are completely interlinked to everything else in the Omniverse.

You may try, and each of you has at times, to exclude yourself. And there are certainly times when you have felt excluded, isolated, separated. But it is not of Truth. And it most certainly is not of Love. Let me preface what I say – I do not go into this to bring forth the old paradigm of false blame, guilt, shame; you are done with that. So place it aside.

When you feel the slightest dislocation, emotional, mental, physical – in any way, shape or form – it is not only known but felt; not assumed, but felt and noted, throughout the entire grid. Yes, whether it is a cold or a heartbreak or a financial challenge, a sibling who does not understand and it hurts your feelings, a partner who does not value you, a misunderstanding or a feeling of rejection or loss – this is what we refer to as any feeling of dislocation.

And you can say to me, well Raj, so much for privacy. And I would say you are correct. But why do I tell you this? Because as soon as that dislocation is felt, assistance in an entire variety of ways that are appropriate to you and to us – rushes to your aid. And when I say “us”, I mean all the Kingdoms of Gaia as well.

So when you feel that you have been forgotten and alone, there are literally thousands, millions of energies that are penetrating you. Breaking down that false idea, but more importantly, touching and filling your heart. The knowing of this connectedness is important. Not simply so that you know that assistance comes to you, but that you know that you also go and send that assistance, and that so much of your work is done in this manner.

We have talked to you about how your enormous energy field transmits so much information, energy and Love not only on your planet and to the Kingdoms, but throughout the Universe. And it is this deep recognition within you of this power that you hold, in the most positive sense of the word.

So it is the collective power that comes together when you are alone; there are times when you are a raging river and very powerful, there are times when you are a trickling stream, but when you consciously come together in the understanding of Unification you are like the Hoover Dam of the Universe.

Now, do you have questions of me?

SM: I do have a few. You’ve already spoken of this, but I think that the pain at the very core of the human experience is in the illusion that we’re alone on this journey. So the very idea of it brings us to a place of longing for connection with others, whether we’re aware of it or not. The collective desire to belong to something drives us to seek answers about why we feel so dreadful, and so we set out on a path to try to understand and get some answers.

My question is this: Are we at an evolutionary place now where there’s no longer any energy holding that illusion of separation in our hearts? Is this filtering through to the consciousness of all of humanity?

Raj: That is correct. And you know what you are also really referring to is your Ascension. There are those that will ascend in a snap, as it were. And you know that those are the most recalcitrant and those who have avoided these various topics very assiduously.

But all of you – and certainly all of you who are listening to me this day, either on this show or on the recording – have been on this journey of elimination. It has been eliminating this idea of separation, of isolation, and in your own quiet way and sometimes very noisy way, coming to this place that we have yearned for, of knowing that you are not alone.

You never have been alone. Rather than an occasional feeling of connectedness, either in nature or in meditation, or with a certain group of people, you are reaching that place where that illusion has simply dissipated from your heart. It no longer exists. So that false grid, that paradigm that has been part and parcel of the – shall we say – the dark times of the human condition, is gone.

Now, there are times when you fall back into it. And that is why I have begun by saying when you are in that dark place, allow all the energies that are floating and streaming across the grid at the speed of Love to enter so that it becomes not even a hiccup. Because there is no room for it. It is not the truth of who you are and it certainly is not the truth of the fifth dimension. There is no room for it. So dear hearts, you have graduated.

SM: That’s a beautiful thing and good news. One question that may be in the thoughts of many is regarding those who just want to continue learning and having experience in lower dimensions. Maybe we humans aren’t ready for that information yet, but no one seems to know how it will come to be that each of us gets to move on to what we desire, as disparate as those desires may be.

So will someone like my conservative, right-wing brother who watches FOX News be rehabilitated? Or will he live out his life in a reality similar enough to this one that he won’t notice a change? Will he also not notice the fact that I’m not part of his life anymore? Can you speak to that?

Raj: I can speak to that. And as you know I am rather a blunt Master. Although I do not really think of myself as a Master, but as a Keeper of the Law. This is the free will zone, and that is wonderful. There are two aspects to what you think of as the third dimension. And it is not simply about time and space and measurement – that’s length – it is about the quality of free will and physicality.

The Mother has in her plan and in her wisdom always said that we will not interfere with free will. Now, that does not mean that even those who seem most enmeshed, shall we say, will not be given increasingly “A-ha!” moments, moments of Divine inspiration and insight.

Now, you are receiving them daily. They will receive them if they allow them. Now it’s going to be for them a little bit different – like being shocked or ‘tasered’ or even in some situations hit by lightning. But in their soul design and soul desire, they have said yes.

But there is a point at which – if that is the decision – then they will simply migrate to a different reality. Let me be very clear that it is not part of the plan at this moment to create an alternative Gaia.

There is much discussion on your planet about parallel Earths or planetary systems. That is not the plan. These people will migrate, transition shall we say. You will notice that many are dying, and they will very rapidly be relocated on a planet in another Universe that has the illusion of continuing to be on Earth as if they are going through a turnstile. But it will not be Earth.

SM: Wow!

Raj: So there is a decision point. Archangel Michael yesterday has said that this is a time of decision and choices, and you are seeing that there is a crescendo effect. Think of it as music. There is a crescendo happening in this – what you think of as time and space. Listen to the music and to the sound of the Universe and the sound of your planet. It is reaching a crescendo. And that is the point of decision.

So, are all equally welcome? Yes, because even those who have played the most dramatic recalcitrant roles have done well in doing so, in eliminating that duality polarity. So they are welcome. It is not judgment, it is not ‘saints and sinners’. It is all.

SM: I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately in terms of being Creator Beings…that we’re kind of growing up into those capabilities and of course wondering what actually is the point of all this. Will dark be eliminated forever everywhere? The answer that I got is no. Because that’s a requirement of creating the contrast that the group Abraham talks about. The contrast that we need as human beings to be able to set the environment in which we can learn, expand, get bigger and get back to Source.

Raj: What you have done as a human race – and now I speak to you of millions and millions of years – is you have used the dark in terms of duality polarity. So often you have said this is dark, this is Light. And you have grasped the concept that first of all what you think of as darkness and Light are still all part of One. And so when you use it for clarity for this mission, for delineation, it is one thing.

But the evolved – and might I say just for purposes of clarification, the higher dimensional Beings which you already are – align themselves with the choices for Love which you assume is Light.
Now…there are gradations. There have always been gradations. Think of it as material. Do you want the rough, nubbly wool because it has the texture and the stimulation and the warmth that you are seeking, or do you wish a very fine, fine silk that is as clear as a wisp? Both have qualities that are desirable and that help you decide what it is you wish to pursue or to use for a certain situation.

So when you think of darkness, the idea, the concept of darkness takes on different meanings. It helps you delineate but your choice is to be in alignment with Love. So it is a question of does this element of shadow help me be in better alignment, clearer alignment or does it not?

So the judgment factor that this is good and this is bad, this is Light this is dark, this is good this is evil, is gone. Because you, as evolved Beings, no longer need that juxtaposition of good and evil. You have eliminated and left behind what you in your third-dimensional old way came to define as darkness. Is that clear to you?

SM: It is. Thank you very much for that. I have one more question. We long to belong yet we resist joining, and the resistance is fear-based. So many of us have had rather grim group experiences that aren’t easy to release the residue of, perhaps in this and in multiple past incarnations. These can be challenging beliefs to extract from our bones and I was wondering if you might offer a practice to help us to let go of any and all such false grids around safety in groups.

Raj: Yes, it is what you most desire is what you most fear. And there is a wonderful exercise that Archangel Michael has gifted. And yes it is part of the New You. But it is to remove these false grids. Because fear of belonging and fear of interaction with human beings is still simply a fear.

Now it is based in experience of rejection and isolation and heartbreak. I would never wish to minimize or deny that, but it is still a limitation factor of fear. Michael gives me permission to share this… so what you do, dear hearts, is you lie down, because we want you to be able to feel the sensation of this false grid that is lying over you.

And it will be different for each grid or each belief. So using this example of being in fear of belonging to a group because that group energy has harmed you or hurt you, and in some cases broken and killed you, you only want to feel this but for a moment. And you do not need to relive the traumas involved. That is not part of this. That is old energy and no longer needs to be applied. So you simply feel the weight of the grid; for some of you it will be like barbed wire or iron bars or a velvet ribbon. It matters not. And simply ask Archangel Michael to remove it. He will either lift it off of you or dissolve it into sheer energy, taking care of it in that way, and let it go.

Now the second part – Michael takes care of the dissolution – but the second part I wish to speak to today as well. You may have to do this several times because this is a very big issue for many people. When you have worked through the completion, then you are going to test drive it. So you are going to gently, softly, perhaps initially just with the golden filaments out from your heart, go and connect to a group energy. I also want you to put it into practice, so place yourself into a group.

Now do not begin this foray by putting yourself into a group that you are fearful of to start with. So for example, dear heart, I am not suggesting that if you, say, are fearful of the Republican Party – which we know has many good people – you go and you join that Party and start attending functions.

Begin your exercise by putting yourself in situations where you know you have some commonality of mind and spirit. And test the waters and enjoy it. And then build it out and build it out and build it out.

SM: That’s a great idea. What comes to mind is my going out to sing Karaoke last Tuesday. I had a really good time.

Raj: And you thought it was a stretch and it was. And it was exactly the kind of thing of putting yourself outside your familiar comfort zone and in a situation where you could play.

We’re not asking you to change who you are. We would never want you to change who you are. But you brought your Light to that situation and you shared it, and you saw that it could be enjoyable.

SM: Yes, and I’m going again tonight.

Raj: And I will be there as well.

SM: All right! I definitely felt a crew around and doing the work with me. So, I have a clearing question if I may. My daughter has been having some bad dreams and she’s really been suffering over the past weeks, actually. I keep telling her that my feeling is that it’s all clearing stuff, because she carries a lot of fear and I know that she can’t bring it where humanity is going. She noticed two nights ago that her dreams have become a little bit more gentle. I suggested to her that perhaps that was the help of her Guides and Masters and Angels because she needs to have these dreams to go through her process, but they’re making it not quite so terrifying, that she’s getting the help that she asked for. So can you please speak to that process?

Raj: That is absolutely correct. And there are many within the human collective that process a great deal during their dreamtime. And they do so in order to make their waking hours bearable. Because the enormity of what they are processing is more fluid and easier, more easily accessed, when they are in the dream state.

Now, what is also happening for many, both waking and sleeping, is that you are processing for many. Let me clear about this – you would not be processing the horrors of the intergalactic wars and devastation or the holocaust if you were not part of that. But that collective energy is so large that you are processing it for yourself and for many.

Now you may have cleared, for example, your own issues around the intergalactic devastation, or Atlantis devastation or holocaust devastation, but because you have that genetic, spiritual and physical DNA, you have also taken it on for many. And so many are doing it through the dreamtime. But what is also occurring in the dreamtime is that it is becoming lighter and lighter and lighter. Because the burdens are being released.

SM: I have to say that as her Mom, I’m really hoping she catches a break some time soon. I know that she must have agreed to do this on some level but her life has not been very easy, and it’s been pretty tough for her so she must be a mighty Being indeed….

Raj: The ones who are doing this are mighty Beings. And there is a safeguard that the Mother herself puts someone on what you would think of as a sabbatical if it becomes too intense. And you can always request of the Mother to be put on a sabbatical as well.

SM: Okay. Well I’ve given her this information and maybe on some level she has chosen not to. I don’t know. All right, we have no callers today, so we can ask for some or perhaps we can give Linda a break and say go have your rest because you have a cold, and you’re so appreciated.

Raj: I think we will choose the latter, dear heart. Because I have arranged this in this manner. And so we will return next week to speak of Transmutation. And yes, I will be your guest.

SM: Thank you. That’s wonderful.

Raj: I go in peace and I send you all my infinite Love. Farewell.

SM: Farewell. Thank you.

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