Monday, October 7, 2013

Sending All Our Love to John Smallman

Thanks to Stephen Cook and the folks at the Golden Age of Gaia site for putting this together.
All our Love and Light flows abundantly out to John and Eugénie.

Gate, Gate, Para Gate, Parasamgate, Bodhi Svaha...

EugenieJohn Smallman at homeThe team at Golden Age of Gaia and InLight Radio send all our love in great capacity to John Smallman, channeller of Jesus and Saul, at this time.

John’s beloved wife Eugénie sadly passed yesterday afternoon, October 6, 2013.

Please join us all in a sending our love, light and prayers to John and his family and friends.
John writes:
I was just looking through my personal messages with Jesus (I only have a couple of personal ones) and came across this one from last year which I felt would be good to share with you.
Love and hugs,

Guidance for Eugénie and Me from Jesus

Channeled Saturday July 28th 2012 10.30.

Me: Good morning dear Jesus. Did I hear you calling me? If I did please help me relax, listen carefully, and type your message easily. Thanks.

Jesus: Yes John I called you. There is always so much to discuss, so whenever you have a moment please call – I am always available. And for today, well just relax and allow – as you do so well. (10.40 > 14.15)

Me: OK. I have felt tired a lot of the time in the last couple of weeks, so would you like to comment on that and/or on Eugénie’s health/heart issues. I would be most grateful for your input on both of those items.

Jesus: Well John, as you have read elsewhere, and as Eugénie keeps telling you,  as humanity approaches the moment for awakening, from the nightmare into the pleasant dream, your bodies need to vibrate at a higher frequency, and so does the planet.

What is happening with both of you is that your energetic frequency is rising and this puts a strain on your bodies as they adjust to resonate with this new state of being. Eugénie, as you are both very well aware, is having a particularly hard time of it. She is an essential conduit for powerful planetary energies that need to be grounded and absorbed as the planetary frequency rises. She is not alone in this, there are many others doing this vital energy work and sharing her symptoms.

However, it could be helpful, if she felt intuitively guided to do so, if she started her own blog where she could share her experiences, as many of those doing similar energy work are feeling quite lost, rather anxious, and even frightened by what they are experiencing, and mostly they have no one with whom they can discuss it. Yes, there are other blogs out there that address these issues, but Eugénie has a fluency of language which is not seen elsewhere.

Of course, whether she chooses to do this is entirely up to her, no one in the spiritual realms would wish or intend to put any pressure on her to do this – she has enough going on without us or anyone else leaning on her to do something like this. Whether she does or does not decide to start her own blog will not alter our intense respect for what she has done and is continuing to do.

It is indeed a noble task that she has undertaken – we most definitely do hear her when she calls for assistance, and we respond – remind her to focus on even the slightest sense of our presence that she feels because it will enable her to open more fully to the Love that surrounds her always.

Many of you were very much discouraged from seeking help when you were growing up, and thus developed the attitude of “I can and should manage this (whatever “this” represents for you) on my own.” You do need to work on releasing that negative and disempowering attitude; sometimes it is so deeply buried that you have great difficulty in becoming aware of it – what a highly successful brainwashing exercise has been worked on you! – so make sure you investigate all your “shoulds,” and it is most likely you will find that on further consideration many of them can happily be discarded.

Me: Thank you for that dear Jesus.
While we are in communication, can you offer any further guidance to help Eugénie with her ongoing heart and lung problems? Naturally she feels that if her physical body could be strengthened she would be much more effective in carrying out the task that she contracted to commit to. When she agreed to do it she could not and did not realize what a tough undertaking it was going to be, and help with and the strengthening of her physical vehicle would be gratefully appreciated.

Jesus: Well John, we shall certainly do what we can to assist her in this regard, but the density of the physical realm tends to block out a considerable amount of the energy that we are sending to you constantly, because the spiritual and physical realms do not meld and integrate very effectively. It is as though each person embodied in the physical realm was encased in a lead shield. As you develop spiritually the thickness of that shield decreases, but should it become too thin you would no longer be able to remain in the physical realm to complete your tasks. It is a very tricky environment in which to operate, which is, of course, why you are so honored for being there. We shall continue to help you in every way, and we ask that you reach out to us as strongly as you can, it enables our lines of communication to operate more effectively.

As always, dear John, we are showering you, and all on Earth, with an enormous abundance of love. Close your eyes and intend to feel it, and you will.

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