Monday, October 28, 2013

Whims, Notions, And Our Psychic Instincts

Psychic messages from angels, guides and many other light beings arrive to us in different mannerisms. Few understand that the majority of the imagination is dedicated to psychic input. Our subconscious planes rely on subtle out-of-body moments to promote whims and notions about our future path. We, however, often have too much interference in our emotional and mental subconscious planes to receive these notions and whims.

Our imagination is the bridge that allows us to transcend the illusions of this life. Illusions we thought were real come to us as a whim where our mind goes away from this reality. Then the notions come to us to change our perception of what is really true. Place yourself in your living room and look around. That sofa is not real, that end table is not real. The television is not real, nor the rug nor the lamp nor the coffee table. Outside there is a real tree, a real sky, a real sun and soon a real moon and heaven.

If we view life as a simple learning plane where we create numerous events to understand our ego then we understand how to connect to our spirit. If our imagination creates suitable learning events, then the ego departs and our psychic nature takes center stage. Events created by the imagination include music, art, poetry, journaling, dance, exercise and meditation. These can result in more whims and notions populating your life. The more whims and notions we create during our day, the more we understand who we really are. Whims are normally the tools of angels and notions the tools of guides. Both sets of tools are created by archangels and ascended masters responsible for greater enlightenment.

What we are trying to establish is a steady flow of whims and notions so our lives are completely designed by spirit. All of our choices during the day are in a surrender position to our higher self. When we get to the point where the ego no longer rules our opinions, we have achieved the first stage of ascension. We now have a superego which has no prejudices or judgments but rather, is an open template. Brand new ego consciousness with a majority of thought patterns derived from our subconscious planes now creates bliss. If you want to end conflict in your life, remember one of the oldest slogans that exists: let go and let God. In this instance, however, you are God and not surrendering your energy to a higher power but engaging and embracing a part of you that never separated from God.

The oldest light being I connected to gave me these words: you are not supposed to suffer. The concept of happiness is very simple in spite of being theorized extensively throughout the world. The only conflict that exists in what I’m giving you is that you will have too many choices of joy in your everyday life. The real key is the release of the inner child who will find great memories from your childhood when your emotions were similar. Instead of being taken care of by your parents, you are making a self-autonomous move which ends all essences of co-dependence and where every aspect of your being while incarnated on Earth comes into play.

Your character must have some qualifying elements to develop this freedom. That is, you must function in complete humility and unending patience. The master consciousness coming to you is very peaceful, very content, and though you are not disconnected from this world, you will feel like you do not belong. This is because you will be existing on an island where no one else around you is like you. The guides and angels, however, will make every effort to teach you how to connect to other islands. Hold in awareness that the energy level in your lightbody will elevate and other souls will attempt to gather some of your energy so we must be vigilant.

Finally, there will be moments of release, especially during new moons and full moons. These will be anonymous releases by virtue of either discussions or watching debates in the media. It is not about the issues presented; remember these are just points that guides and angels find necessary to release fragments of emotional and mental energy that do not belong to you. You will exist in universal synchronicity and without need to question what comes to your intuition. You will surrender to all the places where you end up and all the new souls that come into your life. But you will always understand why and will be pleased about the movement by spirit.

Namaste Peter

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